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    And look, it was a close game too! That means I don't cheat!


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      yarharhar omi... ur funny


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        hehe,has to be omicron,calling people scrubs

        not to mention the little cute tirade
        Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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            To get back on topic,

            Well, DK, we can argue until we turn blue in the face.

            Fact is if you face Slugnut he will most likely destroy you with your +hook and all (not wanting to sound rude). And then probably you will have all your questions answered, you will see how the match goes, and what is more effective in combat. It all comes down to a 1on1 to see who is better. I witnessed, +hook's best which was Quazy against Slugnut, and Quazy still lost, being significantly behind in frags. And as Quazy beat me before with my old config, it was a clear choice for me to change, to beat both him and Slugnut one day.

            All I know is Slugnut kicked my ass royally using my old +hook configuration in the past, my frags would be no more the 20 and I could barely touch him, if at all. He was switching weapons more faster then I could hook away and all. lol. And basicly trapping me with rocket fire, blast damage, and finishing me with shaft and other weapons.

            Truth be told Slugnut is the most complete player I have laid my eyes on (in RuneQuake). If there could be someone who could beat him, it would be someone with a faster aim and mind prediction. It is unknown to me at this time whether he plays other mods then RuneQuake or RA (which he does very rarely, and IPLOGGING is not availlable on the RA server) -- the only other mods I saw him play (and not often). Maybe someone could confirm this.

            Truth is you have to learn from the best, take what is best from them and make it better to beat them. Do what they do even better. Sort of what the Japanese did, lol, no wonder they are # 1 in manufacturing electronics.

            I love challenges. Hard to beat players is what makes the game lasts. You are intrigued by them, you want to improve, you watch and study them and work hard at defeating them -- that is my philosophy for me anyway. That is the fun in it for me.

            Speaking of Slugnut, I did beat him a few days ago on START (it was not a solo match - see screenshot). I also had a match with him today (this was not solo either) on DM2 and I reached a record high (see screenshot), one that would not be possible for me before with my old +hook configuration. Simply put, it elevated my abilities to new heights. If you must know my configuration, it is a combination of Thresh's and alt-hook.

            Besides all the reasons stated above, like I said before, most games are ground based and the +hook and flying around like that, it is ultimately nooblike (no offense) and a useless skill. Although you might become moderately good with it over it over time, and it is easy to play with and kill, when faced with a competent ground player, you will ultimately be defeated. In terms of skill, you will hit the roof and make no more progress (like what happened to me). Tical also got double frags on me using no hook at all or runes. That is why I started branching out a little bit into other mods, to learn new things. And I would come back with what I learned to RuneQuake and reapply them there.

            If this does not confince you I do not know what will. I do not understand why you are that stubborn about it, but you will ultimately understand over time (I hope), that is if you do give the configuration in question a go.

            Bottom line is that true skill is built in DM, CA and RA. Those are the core skills in Quake. I started out in RuneQuake, being very good, but then when I played a little of these mods I realized how much more I had to learn about Quake physics - that is fighting on the ground. Coming back to RuneQuake after some DM, CA and RA sessions I felt much more easier to kill other players. In conclusion it is good training, it took me a long time to realize that, but it is the ultimate truth to becoming a better player -- master the basics of Quake -- then add techniques unique to that particular mod.

            As to the ultimate answer why use alt-hook, it turns out to be compatible with lots of mods, which either use some form of hook, or none at all. When you factor everything in and when you play with it, you are building skill everywhere (as you use it all the time).

            Well I hope you finally understand my reasoning now, there is not much more for me to say about it. Maybe if we can get Slugnut to have a word in here you will hear it from the master himself.

            I leave you with my screenshot of my match which I had today against Slugnut.

            One day soon, I will be the victor. But it was close enough today, which gives me great satisfaction of my improvement. I am sure he is somewhat worried lol, as I got him figured out (now all I need to do is use the knowledge and tools which I have and sharpen them and hone them the most I can through practice, although I do not obsess over it that much as it looks , I just put in daily hours and play my best and train as a hobby to be the best).

            I am very smart and ambitious, and I know I will succeed in everything I choose to do, just like I have with my previous accomplishments. Maybe one day I can truly become a pro-gamer, hoping in under 10 years as I do not want to be an old lady playing games against urchins lol. That is my secret desire and I am working and building towards that slowly and slowly as I play each day my dose of Quake -- I build skill along with the enjoyment I get out of it.

            I am getting closer and closer. The king is about to be replaced with the Ebony Queen of Quake. Maybe I will even make Quake History one day. And for sure move on to other competitive FPS, as I am a quick learner I will grasp everything, as Quake is the most basic training tool for other FPS's, which are just variations. I tend to go too far and dream too much, but hey, dreams do become reality if you really work at them and you want them to happen.

            Well I talked more then enough. Here is the promised pic and GG! lol.

            UPDATE *I did beat Slugnut on START once* (This obviously slipped my mind, shadowing today's match). He is Nubular, and screenshot is provided below along with my other victories, more importantly against Toyo (and Magnetar deserves a special mention, he was always kick ass ), which now I feel I surpassed.

            Do not mean to show off, but as QuadRaptor posted his victory pics I might as well post mines. Viva la Tia!

            Me against the regulars, I pretty much clean out the RuneQuake server. It sucks that most do not stay to play and leave.

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              Damn! That was like OVERKILL on that one screenshot I posted!


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                Believe it or not, all these screenies were taken in the last approximately 2 weeks. I did not bother to take lots of them (even though I win lots of games) because good players very sparingly show up, and I do not have anything to prove really to anybody, or brag about beating newbies (which is immature). They can just come on the server and watch the game themselves.

                Toyo is gone most of the time, Quazy plays but not that much and we do not catch each other much (except in the morning sometimes) and Slugnut only from time to time. In the last week he did play significantly more and I was able to put in a few games with him.

                I posted them to illustrate an example, that the alt-hook config is very successfull and I am capable of winning games with it successfully, therefore it can be done.

                Well, those are my accomplishments or screen trophies you might add.

                Of course that does not take any credit away from your screenshot (those are just mine), lots of congratulations to you. Every effort counts and it will add up to a bigger goal as you work towards it. You have your own challenges to overcome, and I had mines.

                By the way, I always get a laugh out of your sig when I catch a glimpse of it. "Your kung-fu is weak," rolf!
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                  i saw my name here 3 times. 2 were screenshots and one was a misspelling.



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                    well, like i said Tia, im not that great of a player, no matter what hook i use or even if i use a hook at all. perhaps when i finally get this new computer im building up and running, i might make a better Quake year of 2008 than i did of 2007...but no one is holding their breath. CTF was my game. Frenzy, rOOk and Preacher were my teachers. if you ever wanted to see me perform as an elite, it would have been back then. today, my technology sucks, my vision is blurry, and my reflexes are spent. my hands are shakey and my mind is tired from work and school. my days as a Quake winner are basically over.

                    that being said, it doesnt matter what i use or how i use it. and of course, you can do as you wish regardless of anything i say. the only thing im trying to gather with this thread is information, and you've given me plenty. however, you haven't exactly been able to convince me of what i dont believe. knowing what i know, i still believe in Shmack's bellyhook's superiority over the axe-hook. until i can find the reason im looking for, it doesnt appear that will change.

                    thanks for trying though.


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                      Originally posted by Paradi$e View Post

                      By the way, I always get a laugh out of your sig when I catch a glimpse of it. "Your kung-fu is weak," rolf!
                      You can actually thank Phenom for that quote. It was one of his old binds back when I knew him as [wSx]Rook (not the Rook we know here).


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                        Slugnut is pretty much a garbage player, which is why he is exclusive to RQ. And lol the reason he is worse, as you noted, is because of the anti-wall exe being installed a couple of weeks ago. As I predicted.

                        Never try to challenge my credibility in spotting someone who walls. I have been playing this and other games that have had shitloads of wallhackers for something like 11 years straight. I've seen it all, I know who walls... simply put. I played CS back when everyone was mad walling left and right and I would always spot someone in the league and call it before they got banned. It's not that hard, you just use your head, or you record a demo and watch it with walls on and note their playstyle in relation to the cheats.

                        I knew slug would get shittier. I figured he'd quit but he's so pathetic, runequake is all he has. That's why when I challenge him to a DM game or a CA game on an anti-wall server I get nothing but excuses. Keep stomping those newbies scrubnut.
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                          Originally posted by omix2 View Post
                          Slugnut is pretty much a garbage player...
                          Ut oh, I see Slugnut is logged. You better run
                 - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

                          So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                            Paradise, I agree with your reasoning about ground-based style fighting vs. aerial style fighting; however, I believe that the belly-hook is still superior to the "alt-hook" or 3wave style hoook. This is coming from someone who learned quake by playing ctf, never used the +hook, and I still don't use the +hook. It's just that your reasoning is more about the mindset of the player rather than the tools at the player's disposal.

                            Perhaps choosing which hook one uses lends itselft to different playing styles, but if one acknowledges the fact that by hooking around and not staying on the ground to fight is not working, then one should change playing styles, not the hook. It is a fact, though, that the +hook offers more degrees of freedom, and that in and of itself makes it the better choice (I still choose not to use it, though).
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                              This may be the 3rd or 4th time I have ever posted a comment anywhere on the internet...

                              How many times do I have to repeat myself to you omicron? Do you have a hard time understanding things? Do you have a comprehension problem?

                              Issue #1: I haven't played at the CA servers in quite a while now; I used to play there more often before.
                              Reason (about the 5th time I'm repeating this): For some reason when a game is about to start and the "10 seconds till match starts..." message appears, it freezes my quake. I have to restart quake and rejoin the server and enter the match late every single game. That's not an enjoyable experience, I don't bother anymore.

                              Issue #2: You claim that I wallhack.
                              Reason you are wrong (I've said this several times to you also): You make noise and it's easy as fuck to tell where you're coming from, especially with headphones which I always use. I also take random shots, especially if I know someone is coming because they made a fuckload of noise like you did. I don't wall or use any other cheat, get over it.

                              It's incredible to me how you can actually think that I cheat. I have never cheated, ever. Whatever I do on a server, anyone else can do. I despise cheats. I wouldn't know how to run a wallhack. I wouldn't even know where to download one. Wanna know why? It's pretty simple but I'll be explicit because I know it's hard for stuff to go through your thick skull. BECAUSE I'VE NEVER EVEN LOOKED FOR ONE. I know it may be a shock to you, but every single time I've killed you (or anyone else for that matter), I wasn't cheating so get over it (yeah, it's the 2nd time I say get over it but I figured I'd have to repeat myself otherwise you wouldn't understand).

                              Maybe I should copy/paste this post and repost it a few times. I wonder how many times he'll have to read this until he finally understands that I don't cheat and that CA games cause my quake to crash at the start.

                              I guess I should say something relevant to the thread topic while I'm posting something (which is a fucking miracle if I say so myself, I really don't post anything anywhere). I use alt-hook because it's what I used in 3wave ctf.


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                                sluggie, everyone on these forums knows that everything omi says is null and void. you are widely acknowledged as the king of all mods. im surprised u even responded to him