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  • New...Whatīs the best way to play Quake.

    Hello, I am a Brazilian (sorry for the english). Iīve been playing Quake since I had 6 years old. But Only last year I discovered the GLQuake and beat the game. I am a Doomer, I have been played a lot of Doom mods for 2 years, Multiplayer, and evrything about DooM World, with Doom, I use ZDoom and Skulltag for multiplayer and mods.

    For Quake 1, whatīs the best way to play Quake mods, multiplayer?
    ps1 I was reading about ProQuake, but I donīt know how to use, and I donīt know if it is the most used.
    ps2 Iīve serching, Quake world has a lot of divisions, but I Like This Quake:

    not this game:

    (for me this IS NOT Quake 1 !)

    Thanks marines!

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    If you want the look of your 1st picture, use ProQuake, FitzQuake, DirectQ, or
    you can customize settings for other engines to use the classic look. ProQuake is the most used engine for multiplayer with classic style. ||