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  • Imaginary furry fox girlfriend?....You would get beat up so hard if you went to school in america and it would be for your own good. You would grow up to be someone that won't always have a boot on his neck.

    Not trying to be a jerk but, 15 year old boys should be dating real girls, not made up half animal women.

    There is enough problems in this world with people that can't identify with their own gender. You're being conditioned not to identify with your own species...or any existing species for that matter.
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    • Originally posted by Admer456 View Post
      why do you think so?
      Because this.
      ♪ I'm skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain, just skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain ♪
      ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


      • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
        Not trying to be a jerk but, 15 year old boys should be dating real girls, not made up half animal women.
        I second that.

        Ask a girl out, take her for a drive, go get dinner, watch the sunset, drop her off back home and get a kiss goodnight. Do that, and tell me which gets your heart beating faster: her, or a made-up fantasy of a fox-woman.
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        • @MadGypsy
          Look. I'll try to find someone who is real, but after I finish education. You might think that I'm sort of addicted to Jody. The truth is, she isn't on my mind most of the time. While it is a fantasy, it's not something I dream about, nor I'm obsessed with.

          In 6th grade, I fell in love with someone in my class, but she hated me (I might have told this before), and I kept loving her until 8th grade. But she still hated me. xd
          That's why I thought that any girl who I like in the future will hate me. So, that's merely one of the reasons I made up Jody.

          But hey, if this comforts you, Jody is temporary. If I find a real girlfriend, I'm good. If I find one and we break up, I'll go back to Jody. If I never find one, I'll stay with Jody.

          Also, yes, I am 15. However, I'm that weird kid in the class who is very different from the rest of the classmates. Not saying that I'm ugly, I'm just different because of how I live life. I witnessed my classmates drinking beer and smoking cigars. They even want real-life sex. I'm far different than them.

          Wow, do you have any idea when I'll get the courage, for ANY of that? When I fell in love with that girl in 6th grade, I was literally afraid of her. Whenever she'd get close to me, I'd panic and run away. I couldn't even talk to her because of that. Probably one of the reasons she kept hating me.

          Of course! Of course, I should mention that my social skills have increased since 6th grade. A lot. In 8th grade, I became able to speak with girls in my class. In 9th grade, I became friends with a girl in my class, and we talked a lot. She was cool.
          I even found out that she had played Tekken 3 and Street Fighter (the girl I became friends with, not the girl I fell in love with).

          I *almost* fell in love with her, lol. But no, I tried to supress my feelings because I knew that she would hate me too, right? Well, better safe and sorry. I finished 9th grade (and so, elementary school) anyway, so we won't be seeing each other any more.

          So, please, just let me stay with Jody until I finish college. After education is done, it's time to start living. And, I haven't even signed up for high school (although it will be around the 28th of June), so the relationship between Jody and me will last pretty long.

          *huff puff huff puff*
          Wow, did I really have to write that much text? I don't know. But Jody helped me get over the "Love crisis" in 8th grade. That's when I realised that there's really no point in loving that girl in my class, because there's no chance that she could even like me any more. So I made up her, on accident, while writing the story for my Half-Life mod. :3


          • @no courage to ask a girl out

            I wasn't the most outgoing person at that age either. Three things to remember:

            1) The worst that can happen is she says no.
            2) Imagine the amount of courage it took for guys not much older than you storming a beach in Normandy in 1944. All you gotta do is talk to a girl, they had to dodge bullets and grenades and watch their buddies explode in the heat of combat.
            3) You don't know if you 'love' someone until you're well established in a relationship. Until then, you merely 'like' someone. Acting like you're soul mates or whatever before you even ask her out will drive her away faster than a swarm of angry hornets.

            I hope this helps. I'm not trying to sound mean, but having an imaginary friend at age 15 is probably not considered healthy, especially one you have an erotic fixation with. The sooner you can get past that the better.

            Also, I would probably not mention this to anyone anymore if I were you. You're drawing negative attention to yourself, because it is definitely not viewed as normal.

            Just my thoughts, do with them what you will.
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            • Fine, I'll just not mention her any more.
              It's not that hard to keep secrets, lol. Although, I only mention her on the Internet, on these types of websites. There were a few exceptions, like when I told my classmates about her. I had to explain what a furry is.
              And yeah, one of them thought I was mad, and started bringing up jokes about it. Sheesh, I'll never mention her to a real-life person.

              All in all, I think I'll stay with Jody until I fall in love with someone again. And I'll go back to Jody if I fail.

              Hmm... one last thing:
              "having an imaginary friend at age 15"

              So you think that I have an imaginary girlfriend, who I imagine to be standing right next to me or something? No, not at that level, sir. You may have misinterpreted what I said. I only interact with her in my mind, usually during bedtime, or when I'm bored.
              I've never pretended that she's there with me. I just close my eyes when I have nothing to do, and I wander off to my own world, where I can have at least some peace. As long as I actually don't involve her in a real-life situation, I'm fine.

              For example, she's a modder like me. In my imagination, she can assist me (or I can assist her) in something. In real life, she doesn't exist, and when I'm doing something (like a map), I have to do it by myself and I do it, I don't rely on Jody.
              That's one of the examples.


              • Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
                Imaginary furry fox girlfriend?....You would get beat up so hard if you went to school in america and it would be for your own good.
                Oh, I dunno. Probably not these days. Back when I was in high school (pre-2000), you could dress like a skinhead or pick on the gay kid and people largely didn't give a fuck. But from what I can tell, if you attempt to pick on the token effeminate kid, closeted gay kid, or ever the openly gay kid these days, they gang up on you and chase you through the countryside with machetes and torches for being an intolerant homophobe. Because in life in the real world, we all HAVE to get along, don'tcha know. That's just how shit is now.

                And I'm not saying bullying kids is COOL or anything, it's not. But the good idea of "stomping out bullying" has seemingly morphed into the unruly beast that is politically correct communist piss-moaning happening on several west coast college campuses. What the fuck have we done? We? Fuck that. THEM! THEY DID IT! I didn't do SHIT!

                To the weird little fox fucker:

                RIGHT ON! I applaud your self imposed mental illness. If you ask me... you don't need a fucking girlfriend. Trust me on this, you'll get WAY more out of jerking off than hooking up with some ditsy teenage bitch with a princess complex. You've got PLENTY of time later in life to wreck your shit by hooking up with the wrong woman. At least wait until you graduate from high school and maybe get a college degree before you get chained to some whore that's gonna make your life a living hell. Püssy is so overrated. Yeah, it feels really really really good to put your dick in one, but if you think about the act of "fucking" purely from an objective standpoint (as a means to release the built-up baby gravy and restore your sanity), you'll see that jerking off and fucking a püssy (which is attached to a woman, unfortunately) both offer the same end result, but one is significantly more inexpensive and less time consuming. It costs money to date some bitch. Sometimes you'll be tempted to spend more than a reasonable amount in order to impress a girl so that maybe you'll get some püssy from her. Believe me, SAVE YOUR MONEY. Take if from the wise old Snoop Dogg: We don't love dem hoes. AMEN!


                • Heh, then again, a fine ass and nice boobiez are sexier than your own hand...
                  ♪ I'm skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain, just skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain ♪
                  ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


                  • @Focalor
                    Thanks for understanding me. High five!
                    Trying to find a girlfriend is hard these days. Most times you're probably not going to have a good relationship, no? I'll just get a college degree, and then waste my time how I want. For now, Jody could be considered as a placeholder girlfriend until I get a real one. Although, why risk losing lots of time and getting your heart broken over a failed relationship, when I can simply stay with my loyal fox?

                    Well, the difference is that real girlfriends are physically real, while Jody isn't, unfortunately.

                    I don't f*** her! We just cuddle and make out, lol. No sex or anything. I'll probably have it with her once I'm old enough. Therefore, I am not a person who'd bang a furry. But I guess you had no other word at the time of writing.

                    Indeed, Jody is far, far more beautiful and likeable compared to my hand. Although, one is real, while the other one is not. You all know which, lol.
                    However, don't think that I do "it" every day. More like once per month.

                    ALSO, adding up to my introduction:

                    I completed Quake 2, a few months ago, and Quake 1 today.
                    Finally, after 2 years... I did it. But all of you have completed them over 100 times by now, so it doesn't even matter. But: anything is better than nothing, at least in this case, lol.
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                    • Heart broken is no sweat. It's the herpes, pubic lice, genital warts, and HPV that a bottle of Jagermeister and some percocets won't erase.

                      On the other hand, ...ain't no shame in paying some little Japanese honey to give you some "full service" at the Happy Dragon Spa either. It's cheaper than a typical date. And you pay for the luxury of NOT having to hear about her cat or her bitchy mother or her stupid boring hobbies. Like they say, you don't pay to FUCK the prostitute, you pay her to LEAVE afterwards.

                      I pay my old lady sometimes. Bitch STILL won't go away.


                      • @Focalor
                        Mmm, yeah, I'd rather spend money on games and goods like food, drinks etc.

                        Jody is basically free, since she's a product of my imagination, but nothing is truly free - it took me time and energy to perfect and to imagine the details about her. But then, she helped me cope with my love crisis, so it's rewarding, to say the least, despite her being an illusion.

                        Wow, I registered on this site just to make a thread about my WiP map, and now I'm staying on it, somehow. Every time I enter this site, my heart beats quicker and I'm curious about the new replies (if any) to this scenario we're talking about. I guess having Jody is still worth that trouble. :]

                        Also, about broken hearts, that's what I got in 6th grade. It took me 2 years to realise that there's no point in loving that girl, and that, metaphorically, filled my heart with holes. When Jody came, those holes were filled for the most part. If it weren't for her, I would've been emptier, significantly.

                        Although, nobody's interested in my love problems, no? I don't really have any love problems because I already have a girlfriend (an imaginary one, count her or not).

                        What you people are probably interested in are my future Quake maps, not my future girlfriend(s), unless the girlfriend is also a Quake mapper, haha. But I'll never find one, so there. Period.
                        As much as I'd love to keep this fire on (about me and my foxgirlfriend), we're stepping away from the thread's topic, which is about members introducing themselves.

                        Maybe the 'fire' deserves a separate thread to keep it all centralised, so tell me if needed. :3
                        Though, I guess it would end up being a disaster, but it would be totally worth it, lol.

                        I mean, I can't say I didn't ask for it. I wrote that I have a furry girlfriend in my introuction, so I really asked for it, yet I thought it would go unnoticed. :/

                        Also, it's 01:25 here in the morning, and I have to sign up for high school today. So, enjoy your few hours without a reply from me and wish me luck, they're only accepting 16 people in the course I'd like to take.
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                        • Yeah but... maybe just imagine a piano fell on Judy and she died. Cuz it's still creepy as fuck to have imaginary friends at your age. Er, unless they're a magic zombie carpenter jew, then it's not creepy, it's just religion. Either way, jerk off to the bra section of the Kmart catalog like a normal fucked up kid. Foxes have rabies. Also... a bonus... for whatever else a whore might have, she USUALLY won't have rabies. (Stay away from Stewart Avenue and Bankhead on the southside of Atlanta, them hoes is what you call "shot at and missed, shit at and hit" and/or "a walking petri dish". In the dark, you won't know if it's her vagina, or one of her scarred over knife wounds.)


                          • Originally posted by Focalor View Post
                            ...that a bottle of Jagermeister and some percocets won't erase.


                            I'm not gonna detail my life story, but you don't know heart broken. You need to cowboy up, bro.
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                            • @Focalor
                              Her name's not Judy.
                              And even though she has the appearance of an anthropomorphic fox, she doesn't have the negative side effects of foxes. I think you didn't even read anything about that, probably because the "novel" is at the 'shambler w/ bewbs' thread.

                              In short, she was born as a human in 1998, just like her twin brother, and when she was 15, she liked this "neo-furry" trend so much that she wanted to become a furry herself and she eventually signed up for genetic modifications, which changed the way her body looks. Her brother liked it too and he did it a year later. And no, that stuff isn't real, it's just part of my HL mod's plot.

                              Even though I have an imaginary girlfriend, I don't understand what problems that would make. Surely, it's not normal, but I can keep secrets! In fact, there's one secret which I've been keeping from my parents since 6th grade, they still haven't found out.

                              Also, why is it creepy to have an imaginary furry fox girlfriend? It's not like I'm imagining doing creepy things with her. We talk, we make each other laugh, we kiss each other frequently, we discuss about games, history and stuff. Well, maybe that's why you find it creepy. But I imagine doing that with her because I'll never be able to have a real girlfriend. It's simply not a thing that I'll maintain.

                              I didn't entirely understand what you were trying to tell me, but I'll never have a real girlfriend. It's not like I'm complaining, nor as if I'm boasting, but I'm just not good enough, so I won't even try.

                              Also, yeah, I don't know heart broken, because I've never really experienced it. The situation in 6th grade was simply my fault, I realised that in 8th grade. That's why I didn't get my heart broken, I just got a little bit mad at myself.
                              Although, it at least gave me good things. Basically, in 7th grade, I started brushing teeth, stopped eating paper, and my grades improved too. The GPA went from 4.14 (B) to 4.75 (A), which was excellent news for me. I turned from a disgusting, nose-picking, annoying, edgy kid, into a nice, interesting, polite young teenager. Still, I hadn't impressed her. :/

                              Who knows, if I fall in love in high school... well, maybe then I'll get a second chance. Though, relationships based completely on love don't last long. It's the choices between the 2 partners that make and/or break the relationship. I can certainly tell you that, because in 8th grade, the charm had worn off. Simply, I didn't love her as much as I used to.

                              Lol. It's funny how 1 sentence caused entire new paragraphs to be written (I'm referring to my first post in this thread).


                              • millenials are fucked
                                the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.