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    seven's small mod compilation supports this, adding any model you want into any map:

    and it also supports adding any kinda sound anywhere in a map, or adding any kinda particle effect to any model as well

    seven also included some files in his thread with examples of possible things you could add just to get ideas. like he added statues to the halls of start-map, and added sparks to machines in E1M1, and adding haze to lava-pools, and adding lava bubbling sound to lava and such

    [ame=]models and effects start-map[/ame]
    [ame= index=1&feature=plcp]models added to E1M1[/ame]
    [ame=]effects added to E1M1[/ame]

    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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      ok ive been wondering if you can import something small can you do something big?

      Castle 3D Model - Free - max, obj

      you would need it to show up in a level editor to make it worth wile so you could place monsters and hallow it out in places to make rooms...

      if so it may just be the thing for no talent ass clowns who want to map like my self...


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        to be able to see that from he outside would probably be an r_speed nightmare and to not see it from outside would make it pointless.

        hollowing boxes > hollowing castles.


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          Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          to be able to see that from he outside would probably be an r_speed nightmare and to not see it from outside would make it pointless.

          hollowing boxes > hollowing castles.
          You're 1 post away from true leetness...

          As for the map, it would not play well. At least not without a very decent machine... It's possible you could get it to look good without sacrificing the detail but it may take as much work as building from scratch.


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            That model isn't actually so high-poly; it wouldn't even create any additional vis leaves since in q1bsp, it would be nonsolid. The biggest problem would be that it might flicker in and out of sight in engines that don't have a fix for it, depending how many vis leaves it does cross.

            Loading it in a q1 map is very doable, but pointless because it won't be solid or cast shadows.

            In q3bsp, it's likely it would "just work" and look good with a bit of sunlight making nice shadows. I would cut it into smaller pieces because not all parts of it need to be solid. It would also be displayed in Radiant, so you could place monsters etc. inside of it without problems.

            r_speed nightmare
            I don't think so, since a nonsolid model doesn't create any cuts at all. In q1bsp, it would be an entity just like a monster.
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              I don't think so
              ah, I see.


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                thanks for the input on the idea... i imported it in to blender and exported it as a map and that did not work. but i did get radiant set up thanks to madgypsy and golden boy tutorials! ive been drawing and painting boxes all day its not as hard as i thought it would be thanks for you help!


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                  I can make it complicated for you in a puzzle/challenge way. Here is the Worldcraft "manual". You can pretty much skip the entire thing down to basic entities and work through to the end of complex entities.

                  The challenge:

                  Translate Worldcraft entity examples to Radiant without any help of any kind. Now here is the thing.. the way things are connected/named/etc will be the exact same, but where that stuff is in the menu and sub panels will be completely different. So this challenge isn't "make it work". This challenge is "find it". Probably a good way to memorize Radiants options and their locations as-well-as how "map logic" works.

                  *map logic: as far as I know, I just made this up and it is meant to imply how entities and brushes can be connected/used to create a more complex element.
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                    I have no idea why q3bsp isn't standard in the Q1 community by now.
                    Because it would need to be supported by every bloody engine?
                    Would be nice though...


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                      I believe it is simply due to Worldcraft not supporting it. And a couple irrational reasons.
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