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The Living End

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  • The Living End

    The Living End
    by necros

    Just in case you all forgot that quake is FUN!
    this is a outstanding map it runs off of quoth progs so no smc hear.
    (Quoth smc NOW theirs an idea! i do not have the skills to pull it off this idea so please steel it and share it)

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    i love the look of this map. its exciting and fun but not too hard. at least its not to hard the way i cheat

    check out this map its tons of fun its a little old but still good

    search the quakeinjector by author and look for necros. there is a bunch of maps under that name that all look good

    (ignore the tellport shader it is my far from done work in progress)
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      I already played "something wicked" and downloaded this one just now. But I think my laptop's gonna kill me... the world is too big....
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        ive been playing it with out too much issue something wicked crashed my shit hard but i still played it tell the end. about every 30 min or so the video card over heats and thats the end of the round lol


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          this is a nice map, I remember playing it.
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            where to dl this map?


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              Originally posted by R00k View Post
              where to dl this map?
              Hello R00k,

              You really dont know Spirits homepage after all these years ?

              Your first adress for maps and many other stuff...

              Here is the direct link:
     - The Living End & Elder World Waystation by necros in the Quake map archive at

              Have fun with single player Quake (I rememeber you saying that you didnt play SP too much ... yet)
              Maybe you will also get infected with this virus

              Best wishes,


              @ all

              If you like this map, be very sure to play the masterpiece from JPL too:
              The Gateway to Hell
              It is simply unique


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                jpl is a good mapper. Gateway to Hell its hard game play if you ask me but the look of the map is outstanding!

                hear are some pics from the second map included in the living end.
                just look at that sky box!

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                  Hello JDSTONER,

                  The planet in your screenshot is so huge.
                  Did you try to jump up there already
                  Maybe it an easteregg....

                  But seriously, Quake Single Player offers so many beautiful things...
                  And the mappers are working hard to produce new ones all the time!


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                    i was dead i fell off the edge. lol


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                      Hey Guys,I tried this map out today,using the newest QuakeSpasm engine,and for some reason the dead enemy bodys sink in the ground,and disappear,and also some of the enemys are floating in the air,has anybody here on the forum encountered this problem?if so a fix would be nice,and if not can somebody please recommend a quake engine that runs this map good.Thanks
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                        try another engine, darkplaces would be a good place to start.
                        seven, give da man a dp link!
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                          No I cannot recommend an engine, but you should ask the thread starter.
                          His name is Josh and he is a kind and helpful man.

                          At least you should read the included readme.txt.
                          Usualy the targeted engine is mentioned in them.

                          IF you should decide (for whatever reason) to use DP, be sure to enable those special gameplayfixes...

                          Good luck.

                          PS: Be sure to use the Quoth mod with this map !


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                            if starting a thread makes me responsible for something we all my be screwed

                            but yea i played it in darkplaces LordHavoc's DarkPlaces Quake Modification

                            and you need quoth - Quoth by Kell & necros in the Quake map archive at

                            this gos in a textdoc in the id folder called autoexec.cfg if you dont have it just make it
                            sv_gameplayfix_upwardvelocityclearsongroundflag "1"	//  since Darkplaces build 2013-03-01 ALL "gameplayfix"-cvars are disabled by default, which will lead to issues. So we have to enable some again...
                            sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox "1"			//  since Darkplaces build 2013-03-01 ALL "gameplayfix"-cvars are disabled by default, which will lead to issues. So we have to enable some again...
                            sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid "1"		//  since Darkplaces build 2013-03-01 ALL "gameplayfix"-cvars are disabled by default, which will lead to issues. So we have to enable some again...
                            set darkplaces_build 1			// "0"= for DP builds before 20130301   "1"= for DP builds since 20130301  (cvar to change between map effect handling for different Darkplaces builds. Since DP build 20130301 the engine behaviour was changed)
                            set player_reflection_fix 1		// "0"= for DP builds before 2012      "1"= for DP builds since 2012  (cvar to fix the player reflection issue when swimming in water when  r_water  is "1".  Since 2012 DP builds the issue exists. Independent to the "small mod compilation")


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                              Ok,thanks for the great info everyone,so would you recommend an older darkplaces engine,or the newest one to run it?