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PLAY: Hard Target 2 | Good ole fashioned Quake ROMP, with a few twists!

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  • PLAY: Hard Target 2 | Good ole fashioned Quake ROMP, with a few twists!

    Hey peeps wassup? Damage here, and with a really fun Quake map recommendation! And that would be Hard Target 2 by Scott McNutt.

    It's not ground breaking or anything, just a really fun map, solid brush work and texturing with some custom QC moddin' thrown in for good measure I played on nightmare but... I quick save alot hehe. It's only a 20 minute or less commitment so, c'mon... go get yer' Quake on!

    Anywhoo, here's the Quaddicted linky :

    And the Quaddicted screenie:

    - damage_

    P.S. OOPS, forgot to give you all the descript', from the readme:

    Hard Target 2 is a heavily guarded
    military installation. Your mission
    is to clear the installation of ALL
    forms of life and to secure it for
    the upcoming landing party and get
    out alive, in one piece. It is a
    trecherous and deadly solo mission,
    but will provide a proving ground for
    a hungry rookie trying to make a name
    for oneself. Are you game?

    Hard Target 2 features a few QC Mods
    to add to the expierence. They include
    an EarthQuake, Particle Field, Ejecting
    Shells, Sparks, Destroyable Light Fixtures,
    Damage Showing Skins on Player and Gyro's Bot.
    A few new plug-in monsters too. They are
    the Bazooka Babe, Manga Babe, Nun Sergeants,
    and Drones. Also included is Gyro's
    Indescisive Bot for DeathMatch play.
    See below for instructions on how to play
    against the Indescisive Bot.
    Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is