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  • Shrak

    So... Shrak. I acquired it earlier this week. Then I tried playing it, and oh god. It's horrible.

    I searched high and low (and all across the board here) for a fix for the texture problem and found things ranging from copy pak1.pak from id1 to installing patch this and running map editor that, but I've still got no dice. Anybody able to help me get this working in Darkplaces? I'm at the end of my tether here.


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    Shrak was the only expansion I played for Quake. It was complete bunk.

    Playing Painkeep was better.
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      Do you mean this addon ?

      Yes, it was indeed not the best addon for Quake
      The latest version is Ver2.0
      If you still have 1.0 you can find the patch on the still existing homepage: click

      I do not know what issues you have when playing it with the DP engine though...

      Anyway, you should consider visiting the most important map resource with more maps, episodes and mods you can every swallow
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      Have fun.


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        Yes, that's the one, and no, it's hardly high-quality. Figured I'd play it anyway.

        Shrak's maps used id's textures, and the CD included a program called safetex to copy them in (from what I understand the textures need to be baked into the .bsp, or the .bsps need recompiling, or something). As a result, playing Shrak without doing this leaves you with plain white surfaces everywhere. Safetex, predictably, is 16-bit; I can't use it.

        What I'm trying to do is find a way of getting the textures loaded short of getting a 32-bit environment and running safetex there (which would probably be possible, but a last resort).

        EDIT: This page goes some way toward explaining the issue at the bottom.


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          It's probably possible to decompile the maps, point them at the correct texture wads, then recompile them.
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            I had any idea of how to go about that, I would


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              You can probably use the "updbsp" program from this site:

              Quake Terminus

              together with a Quake texture wad from this place:


              to put the missing quake textures into those BSP files.

              You will need to extract your Shrak pak files first so you can get at the BSP files within.

              I'm sorry, but you ARE trying to run obscure software, so there is just a little bit of pain involved :-)

              Edit; Installing Quake and Shrak in Dosbox might make the safetex program work, too.

              Edit2: I hear that QuARK and AdQEdit can also copy the quake textures into the shrak bsps.
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                Thanks, golden boy, I've gotten it working. However unlikely it is for someone else to want to play this, the fixed files can be found in this mini-patch, to be dropped into the Shrak directory.


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                  This was a christmas present for me..
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