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PLAY: Hexameron: Phase One | A SUPER solid "base" level...

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  • PLAY: Hexameron: Phase One | A SUPER solid "base" level...

    ... if you're into those

    Here's the details: "Very large, detailed, professionally constructed Base map with a few outside areas and three new monsters (modified Enforcers, Scourge)."

    Anyway, if you're like me and simply wandering around quaddicted "looking" for something you haven't played, and this is it... it's REALLY a good time for 30 or so minutes. Visuals and game play are superb.

    Quaddicted page:



    - damage_
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    By the way, if you rate maps, you can later go to and see the maps you have not rated yet. It's handy to find maps you haven't played yet.
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      Oh heck yeah! I just found this one over on Quaddicted too. I ran out of time so I was not able to sit down and play all of it, but the first few feet and first key find was pretty damn good! I like the custom enforcer added too! I cant wait to try it again.


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        Just finished this and made a playtrough:

        Very nice map!


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          That was a fun 20 minutes. Good find!


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            Originally posted by SaladMiXXXer View Post
            That was a fun 20 minutes. Good find!
            I agree! That was a good find! That was so incredible! It actually rocked the galaxy. It's a slam dunk.
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