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  • Singleplayer addon for nQuake


    I'm thinking about adding a singleplayer addon for nQuake now that addon support has been integrated.

    Not sure if this is possible, but it would add to the completeness of nQuake.

    I'd like some help determining what files I need.

    Could some of you install nQuake, and add files until you have a neat singleplayer setup, and tell me what files you used?

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    What exactly is your goal?

    Step 1 would be installing a SP engine like Quakespasm or DirectQ.
    Quake 1 Singleplayer Maps and Mods


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      Originally posted by Spirit View Post
      What exactly is your goal?

      Step 1 would be installing a SP engine like Quakespasm or DirectQ.
      My goal is to basically provide a great single player experience with nQuake. Of course it would require installing an SP engine. But is that all it takes to get a great single player experience?

      Configuration wise, what needs to be done? I just want the user to click the "Play Singleplayer" shortcut in the start menu and just start playing. Co-operative mode should be simple to start as well. Adding the expansions, single player maps, great graphics (bump mapping?), etc.


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        My sp setup is pretty simple, I only use quakespasm since I prefer the original 8bit looks over all others. Has worked with all maps I threw at it (and I have played quite a lot of sp over the years) although I think I read here somewhere that it does not get along with nehahra so well.

        There's also the IIRC java based Quake Injector which lets you download and play maps on the fly. Been ages since I used it, however I remember it working very well.

        Others here are very obsessed with squeezing every possible gfx enhancement out of darkplaces but IMO its a safer bet to go with a classic looking (and lightweight) engine.

        Coop is a different beast from my experience, always needed some fiddling to set up, that will be the hard part.

        Great idea though, Empezar!


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          Hi Empezar,

          In my bQuake (ak brazilian Quake) I used QRack, cause it has a natural integration with the existing content that was already set for ezQuake installation.
          Fórum QuakeBrasil

          Lots of Quake related stuff


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            bQuake along with Qrack (very interesting)

            [ame=]s8e2 - YouTube[/ame]