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(DirectQ)Mission Pack One: Ancient Realms Glitch

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  • (DirectQ)Mission Pack One: Ancient Realms Glitch

    When I began Scourge of Armagon on the DirectQuake engine, all went well up until HIP2M1 - Ancient Realms.

    When I reached the large, cylinder-shaped chamber containing the blue key, Knights, and a Shambler, I noticed I was being pulled into the ground, unable to move. After getting pulled about waist-height into the floor, I receive falling damage and get pushed back out, only to get sucked in again and again until I die.

    This happens on both floors of the chamber. It doesn't affect monsters, and it doesn't happen in the rooms nearby. Has anybody seen this before?

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    It's been mentioned that using higher than 72 fps can cause weird anomalies in the game. MH I think corrected this by chance or purpose, on a feature request I had awhile back, which was if you push DirectQ to its maximum performance capabilities you also introduced lag, something about how often Quake client updates are sent to the server.

    I would suggest trying host rate and maxfps of 72 and see if this resolves the issue.
    I hope this resolves your issue but im reluctant to think it will be anything but a shot in the dark.

    somewhere on the forums I have posted my collection of directQ releases (yes,im a huge DirectQ fanboy heh)

    If you can't locate it I'll dig up the link for you, I have a txt document in my quake folder with html links for that exact purpose.
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