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  • Help me, guys

    Hello, everyone.

    I have a question: is there some mods for Quake like Hell Revealed for Doom?

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    The only problem with your question is it assumes that anyone here other than you knows what that is.

    You should provide a link (or background) to anything you can find that explains Hell Revealed, so people could get the gist of what Hell Revealed is/does and potentially point you to a similar Quake mod.


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      What he said ^^^^ , plus there are a few examples of mods over at Megazoid's Quake Terminus that might help.

      You may also find multiple Quake mods that you can use courtesy of the Mod database.

      Kind regards

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        Hello Ivan 2000,

        This is the description of Hell Revealed for Doom:
        Hell Revealed is a megawad, a 32-level replacement for DooM II, created by Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv. In Hell Revealed, you will find: 32 new high-quality very detailed levels, many new graphics including textures, flats, skies ...

        I would say, according to the description, Hell Revealed is basically an additional episode with 32 maps and some new textures.
        Hell yes ! This also exists for Quake: follow me

        In the above link you will find around 1000 (!) new maps/episodes for Quake with new textures and tough gameplay.

        You can even sort the archive according to your personal likings, or to user ratings.
        There are more brilliant maps to play for a human lifetime.

        Thank you Spirit for giving the possibility to have such a great archive.
        And of course a big warm huge and Thanks to all the great mappers out there.

        Have fun with Quake.


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          Sorry, there is some misunderstanding.

          Hell Revealed is a 32-level megawad for Doom II. It is possibly the best known example of an ultra-hard WAD.

          I mean ultra-hard maps or episodes for Quake with a lot of monsters.

          Something like this, but in Quake:
          [ame=]Doom 2 [Hell Revealed II]: Playground (Map32) - UV-Max in 31:05 - YouTube[/ame]

          I know, that there is many additional maps\episodes for Quake, but i intrested in ultra-hard ones.

          It's easy to find something like that for Doom, because there is something like cult among doom players, and there is so much high-difficult WAD's for Doom, like Hell Revealed, Deus Vult, Speed of Doom, Alien Vendetta etc.
          I have beat 'em all, and get bored with Doom, now i want to try something ultra-hard in Quake.
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            Originally posted by Ivan 2000 View Post
            I mean ultra-hard maps or episodes for Quake with a lot of monsters.
            Do not worry Ivan 2000. The fan-made maps are a lot more difficult than the original ones.
            And with "a lot", I mean a lot !

            You should try some...

            And in case the map is still to easy for you, there is this "small mod compilation" (which Ive heard of), that lets you double the enemies (enemy-count) in a map.
            And if it is still too easy, you can also triple or quadtriple the enemies, or raise their attack power, or health or whatever you want/prefere ...

            Have fun,


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              mm nehahra in nightmare (or hard) is really really hard
              the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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                [ame=]Shambler Army RQuake COOP Multiplayer - YouTube[/ame]
                Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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                  Sorry Ivan 2000, but I don't think what you're looking for exists in the realm of custom Quake maps.

                  There is no map, even on nightmare, that comes close to Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Speed of Doom, Pultonia 2/revisted, etc...

                  If you've reached the skill ceiling required by those wads it's unlikely you'll find a quake map that won't bore you.

                  Sad but truuuuuuueeeeeeaaaaaaagggghhhhh...


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                    You could try some of Tronyn's big "horde" maps like unforgiven and arwop. Maybe something_wicked too? I don't know if they would be properly "super hard" on nightmare, although there's enough monsters around that you could stir up a lot of trouble if you didn't play cautiously.