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Undergate with Quakespasm?

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  • Undergate with Quakespasm?

    Greetings all.

    So I regained the itch to play quake again recently. Being a big doom player, I figured that there would be modern sourceports to play quake with. I found a bunch of them, tried a couple, and finally settled on quakespasm just for general ease of use and because you can use the quakeinjector to play a bunch of good maps.

    I've figured out how to set up the folders for quake and its mission packs to work with quakespasm. But I also stumbled across the undergate map pack, and was wondering how in the hell I can get it to work with Quakespasm, or if it would even be worth it? Are most of the undergate maps already in quakeinjector?
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    Start it like a mission pack but instead use this in the shortcut/command line: "-game undergate +map undergate". Assuming you extracted the files to a folder called "undergate" in your Quake folder. I just tested it out with quakespasm, worked fine.

    I do not use Quake Injector so I can't answer that.
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