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  • Maps for Navy Seals wanted

    I'm looking for some good maps for the NS mod. I've played only the original maps which came with the mod.

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    Originally posted by Six-Shoota View Post
    I'm looking for some good maps for the NS mod. I've played only the original maps which came with the mod.
    The people who made Navy Seals ended up making Counter-Strike for Half-Life.

    It's not very likely there are any other than the ones that came with the mod. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      :sigh: I thought this thread was a call for mappers to start modding Navy Seals. My favorite FPS ever is SOCOM FTB1 and Navy Seals is similar in many ways. Oh well.


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        A func_map_jam for the NS would be realy awesome. I've another question - where I can get the original qc, because the code in is full with weirdness.


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          @full of weirdness

          How do you mean? I just downloaded it and it's all the qc and the compiler. It's exactly what I would expect of the source.


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            MadGypsy , I mean things like this:

            makevectors (self.v_angle);
            src = (self.origin + (v_forward * TE_LAVASPLASH));
            org = (trace_endpos - (dir * MOVETYPE_STEP));


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              code like that was decompiled (read: stolen).

              /me has a quick peek.

              its not all functions (not vanilla ones), which shows that those particular functions were stolen from some other mod. I've no idea which one, of course.
              (the proqcc.exe included in that zip contains a decompiler too)
              back in the old days, there was a lot of decompiling going on, in part because many people were too lazy to bother distributing source code. there was also an abundance of missing licenses, so noone's sure if the original creators were even okay with it. or it might just be from an earlier version of the guy's mod that he lost the source for so decompiled+spliced it with vanilla code to try to sanitise it. I really have no idea. All I know is that it makes me uneasy, in part because its annoying to read.

              these are the things to look out for to identify decompiled code:
              brackets around EVERY instruction (because the decompiler is paranoid).
              5.000 (explicitly wordy precision - because the decompiler is lazy)
              random constants littered throughout the code seemingly at random (the original qcc unions them, thus the decompiler sees them as one and the same).
              indentation that doesn't match other code (like trailing open-braces, anything that doesn't match your coding style is obviously written by someone else, a bit like a person's handwriting)
              spaces between the return type and the function list on function defs (possible as a coding style, but somewhat rare other than proqcc's decompiler, may just mean that the guy has read a LOT of decompiled code in the past, and thus favours that coding style).
              no comments (these are not preserved by the original qcc and thus cannot be recovered by decompiling)
              no blank lines between logical areas of code.
              Some Game Thing


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                LOL, the readme says that your compiler (@ spike) can't handle the massive amount of code. Could it be more true that your compiler doesn't like lazy bullshit code?

                Originally posted by ns30src.txt
                If you have a different compiler you like to use, go ahead and use it, but regular QCC chokes and dies tryin to compile this much code.
                I just have a (really) hard time believing that YOU would make a compiler that can't handle a certain volume of code. Unless QCC <> FTEQCC. Personally, I've never heard of a compiler named only QCC.

                I remember PROQCC and it was some never working bullshit. You and I even talked about it (if you remember). I think it was PROQCC anyway. Isn't that the one made by some little snot with a chip on his shoulder?

                Edit: hmmm, I googled PROQCC and the readme doesn't talk shit about FTEQCC. So, maybe that's not the same one and I also learned that QCC was the original compiler so, I'm 0 for 2 today.
                Edit 2: Aaaaah, and it was GMQCC that was made by a snot. I need some friggin sleep.
                Edit 3: Why are there so many damn qc compilers? I can name 5 now, and it's very possible that isn't all of them.
                Edit 4: Imma make a QC compiler. Imma put a hta front end on FTEQCC and call it FTEQCC Apple Jack. (I'm not really gonna do this,... probably). This joke might be funnier if more than 2 people here knew what I was already building (and it's name).
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                  proqcc massively predates fteqcc.

                  the secret to large mods is the numpr_globals limit. you'll find that fteqcc will have lower used numbers (thanks to optimisations, unless you used -O0 or something stupid), along with a higher maximum limit (thanks to engine extensions).

                  the rest is just a question of how much ram the program is willing to use (fteqcc has reconfigurable memory limits, although I've only ever seen anyone reconfigure them to LOWER them in order to get errors when engine limits are exceeded).
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                    Hello Six-Shoota,

                    I admit I never played that mod. I only know it from its name.
                    But I have an idea, if that mod is a simple weapon modification mod and monster code remains the same (you can check it by looking at the source if you want).

                    Try the following:
                    Fire up your favorite mod and type into console: map e1m1
                    If it doesnt crash and you can run around and see the regular soldiers and dogs, you will most probably be able to play ALL Quake maps with this mod !

                    You only have to give yourself the weapons (maybe impulse 9 works in this mod as well) and you can run around and kill the monsters with your super pimped weapons.

                    Try it.

                    Best of luck.


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                      brackets around EVERY instruction (because the decompiler is paranoid).
                      I do this when I code in QC.
                      I do not fully trust any QC compiler.


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                        Edit 2: Aaaaah, and it was GMQCC that was made by a snot. I need some friggin sleep.
                        GMQCC is pretty good. Compiles fast as hell. Author won't tell me how to get decals to work on my spawned bsp entities in #darkplaces and claims he knows nothing about QC (obvious lie, he wrote _GM_qcc)

                        FTEQCC catches more wrongdoings so I use that to check, but it won't properly compile some complex weapons macros (to allow 70+ weapons) (compiles but introduces bugs), so GMQCC is there for that.