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Summoning actors via a console command?

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  • Summoning actors via a console command?

    Hi, I wish to know a way to summon actors/entities like a health box or a Fiend via the ingame console or otherwise ingame.

  • #2 I googled this because i don't think this is possible.
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      I have this feature in the small mod compilation for development purpose.
      It adds whatever monster you want around 200 quake-units in front of you.
      It is perfect to improve your playing skills or to do some weird tests, but who cares...

      The backbone of its code is (copied from smc source. Example for soldier):
      /////// Spawns this monster type in front of player
      void() spawn_grunt =
      	local entity spawny;
      	local vector pos;
      	makevectors (self.v_angle);		// makevectors (self.angles);
      	pos = self.origin + v_forward * 177;	// declare distance towards player here
      	pos_z = self.origin_z + 25;		// will drop to floor later when its a walking monster. Will fly when its a flying one
      	spawny = spawn();
      	if (PM_InWall(spawny, pos))		// do checks if monster is spawned in walls / obstacles
      		centerprint (self, "Spawned monster is inside wall / obstacle");
      		remove (spawny);
      	if (!PM_TraceCheck(spawny, pos))
      		centerprint (self, "Spawned monster is inside wall / obstacle");
      		remove (spawny);
      	setorigin (spawny, pos);
      	spawny.angles_x = 0;				// make him always look straight
      	spawny.angles_y = self.angles_y + 180;		// make him always look towards player
      	spawny.angles_z = 0;			
      	spawny.do_not_replace_me = 1;			// monster will not be replaced by other SMC monsters
      	spawny.think = monster_army;
      	spawny.nextthink = time + 0.5;
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        Ok, but is there ready a code to spawn any actor?


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          I don't really like plugging my own work, but I made a mod in 2009 which lets you sandbox the hell out of Quake.

          Download of Qreate 0.9
          The ModDB page, not maintained by me


          A monster "prop" being posed in-game

          A bridge created in-game

          There is a release cooking with logical-gates and other guff that let's you create logical contraptions in-game, but it requires some unreleased assets. Nevertheless, the source-code to the thing is here.

          The readme should contain all the infos regarding the controls and the config files should be documented enough for you to customize it to your needs. If you have any feature requests, they'd be very appreciated (though I aim for compatibility with DOSQuake so some things might not be possible due to technical limitations)
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            I tried it for like months, and it is addicting! Thanks!