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  • featherfall

    New Quake1 SP map with lots of goodies, medieval, new monsters and models.

    For screenies:
    QuakeOne - Quake 1 Resurrection - Madfox's Album: FourFeather

    For models:

    QuakeOne - Quake 1 Resurrection - Madfox's Album: New Quake1 monsters

    For the mapfile FourFeather:

    Much Fun!
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    Looks good. I will check it out.

    What's the history behind it?
    Did it take you a long time?
    Did you make all the monsters and skin them (a couple do look familiar)?
    What tools did you use?

    I do like to read of the process you went through from concept to release,
    but I totally understand if you don't want to share that much.
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      Hello Madfox,

      I recall seeing some of your beta screenshots around.
      Congratulations for the final release !

      I loved all the new things you added.
      Some are really funny, some really scary and some suprised me as I didnt excpect them.
      Love the bees as well.
      You are very creative !

      Great idea with the moving Q-symbol. It took me a while to reach the other side but I could grab the secret at least (I hope was it one?).

      The first shalrath came unexpected and killed me instantly. I should have listen to that sight sound better

      Picking up the silver key was a death wish. lol
      I should have knew that

      Those 2 small pillars saved my life when the shambler came...

      The higher you get in the map the more beautiful the view is.
      The lying Q-symbol in the water looks great.

      I play custom maps too seldom.
      You map made me want to play more of them.

      Thank you for your work and the experience Madfox.


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        @-Adam - <What's the history behind it? >

        It started with some pictures in the "Inspiration & Reference" thread on func_msg. I decided to make a lookalike of the cave entrence. Later the castle appeared and I wanted that one also. To make the two together was more work.

        <Did it take you a long time?>

        Eventually the map envolved well, I started after "Tormentarium" that was around june 2014. Then when I came at the roundup it seemed the map took a week on real vising and that really shatterd me off. More leaks, overload, bleh.

        < Did you make all the monsters and skin them>

        The more I map the more I get attracted to add new monsters and find new tricks to lurge the progs.dat new possibilities. Modelling is a tide ambition of me. The Elden Ogre and the serpent were two monsters from QTest on my list to reintroduce in Quake. MrBig, the ORb and Dragonite are convertions of Quake3. Dark Young, Bender and Metroid are just wild fantysies.
        The skins are imported and painted but the pal file is so weird dimm I can hardly texture them.

        <What tools did you use?>

        The map was made with GtkRadiant1.5 and Quark6.0, I used the Demoncliffs of Poison to create a skybox, and most monsters are modellated in AnimationMaster, converted to QMLE to ceate a mdl file, Wally for the skin correktions, the Rift code for making the ai go.
        The statics are only frames that attend to an action, like the turning wheel, waterfahll, the fishing ogre. The star sprite was made with frikaīs Fmg prog.
        And no, I didnīt do it alone. I needed help from Ijed, Rebb and see the read me.
        Maps this big are almost on the edge of bsp2.


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          Thanx Seven! Glad you enjoyed the level.
          There are lots of ways to make an old game learn new tricks.

          I was impressed with your Quake-Small-Mod-Compilation-!
          Iīm not that kind of coder but Iīm always wondering how to make mods fun to play.
          Little things like turning skyboxes and kinky models.
          Often it leads me to a lot of spagethi tweaking to make it go, but whatever.

          I wanted to make the fishmonster a jumping dopefish, but the sound of the watersplash
          made it much to pronounced througout the level.
          And I made a model of the skybox monster to use as eyecandy but I reached the 256 eddict.

          Itīs my vote for the Quake1 20 anniversary.


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            a large map, much work..
            very creative, well done!

            fishing ogre,turning wheel ( Knap gemaakt! ) ..nice..
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              love the castle


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                I did a playthrough of this recently if anyone is interested:



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                  im going to give this one a play...

                  anyone know how to use an xbox 360 controller on darkplaces?
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                    Yes: never... But seriously, the readme has a full list of console commands and cvars.
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                      BFG the question was How not when you doushe


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                        I know. Same answer. That was a joke, though...
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