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My unfinished and unbalanced WIP

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  • My unfinished and unbalanced WIP

    Here's some bullshit my girlfriend and I were working on. And by that I mean she stood over my shoulder and made a bunch of suggestions that have no basis in game creation . So, really this is a map I made under great duress. LOL! Most people post images of their finished map. I'm opting to post an image of the entity disaster that awaits you.

    It's unfinished (but not that far from being completed), unbalanced and is little more than a slaughter fest.

    I started this map when I helped somebody here with teleporters. I decided to make a lil arena style map with constant teleportations happening.

    I beat my map. It is possible. You have to really consider what weapon you need for any given battle. Using up nails on dogs and stuff is just gonna make it all that much harder to beat. Also, if it is taking 3 and 4 SSG shots to kill grunts you are never gonna beat this. Accuracy and proper weapon are KEY! Whereas you have options on where to go there really is only one way to beat this. Pick an area and COMPLETELY clear it before moving to the next area. If you don't, you will be filling the map with second stage monsters and you are going to get your ass kicked. Defeating waves in an area almost always unlocks secret caches of items. If you go around just beating first waves you will have half the ammo and shitty weapons for the second wave. Really you should be trying to get upstairs ASAP. I'm not gonna tell you what lets you do that.
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    Funny wip please, add more ammo!
    the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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      Yeah, I have to work on the balance. However, I posted it cause I don't really care about this. It was just a little side idea for fun. If I get an itch to wrap it up, I'll work on the balance.

      However, there IS more than enough ammo to kill everything. I can beat the level with a couple of shells, about 20 nails and an ass load of rockets left over.

      Did my thing push you in the zombie pit like it is supposed to? I was having a hard time getting it to be in the right spot and I assumed a lot about what people would do right before it happens.

      I'll tell ya one thing, my engine is going to be designed to simply add a teleport flag to monsters, fuuuuck all the triggers and destinations.


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        I changed the link in the OP. The new link includes the .map file. Anyone can do whatever they want with it. All I ask is that you give me some credit for getting you started if you attempt to release it as your own (regardless of how much you did or didn't modify it).

        Use it to learn, make it better, whatever makes you happy.
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          I will port it to q3bsp, and i will add some shaders
          the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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            Absolutely, Nahuel. Do whatever you want. I made the map cause it was fun at the time. That time has passed cause I was never serious about it. I'm releasing it 80% done so other people can have fun.

            There is very little to do IMO

            1) add about 3 lights
            2) reconsider balance
            3) make some indication the map is over.

            Well, that's all there is to do from the standpoint of what I saw as the finished product, anyway. You guys/girls can do whatever you want with it.

            I was going to name the map Gypsy's Playground of Epic Battles and Slaughter (cause I felt that sounds about stupid enough for this map) but, feel free to even name it whatever you want.

            jmappy (the file name) is because I randomly named it mappy, then my gfriend got involved and I saved a duplicate with her first initial (J) added so I wouldn't mess up what I already had. The filename is completely irrelevant to the map.


            I forgot, there is 4) in my list above.
            There is a corner of the map that is completely untouched and I intended to simply add shamblers and vores there. The part of the second floor that you cannot get to (without rockets/noclip) is the corner I am talking about. Every other part of the map gets hit 2 or more times. That one corner has no action.
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              Haven't been able to sleep so I've been playing with this map.

              Things I did:
              1) created a full fledge deathmatch version
              2) added 2 lights. I might need 1 more
              3) created the end of single player version
              4) unblocked all single player unlockable walls for dm
              5) marked damn near everything NOT_DM
              6) created new geometry for DM to replace unlockable geometry from SP mode. SP and DM version are not identical but, they are in one BSP.
              7) added a little trim

              I've kept the theme I started this map with, where unexpected things happen. I'm getting good at finding interesting ways to hide things in this small space. It's fun to completely change the map to have a better flow for DM while keeping the SP version in tact. This map was already a bit of a transformer I've included more transformations.
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                Thanks for the map. Here are two demos I made of me playing it:

                The first one was about my 15-20th try, including some quick restarts I did from taking dumb damage. The second demo is the win, which was done soon after. The first one is the more amusing one.


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                  Hey Zop, thank you for this! I see how you play and now I know how to make this an actual challenge for good players.

                  note: Picking up all the guns/ammo on the 1st and 2nd floor turns that suspicious raised ground by the RL into steps that lead to the red armor. 2 things you can be assured of with me. 1) I'll never make it to where you have to rocket jump to get something/somewhere and 2) my doors don't have health, running around with an axe chopping at walls to find secrets.

                  Great job, though. With how you play there is actually way too much ammo.


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                    I'm speaking of this part...

                    for DM I do it like this. Notice the "balcony" has been extended and the stair secret is completely gone. You can just jump across.
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                      this is my q3bsp convertion of the first release

                      enjoy the deluxemapping without real time lights

                      (darkplaces engine only)
                      the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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                        @nahuel - GJ!

                        I don't know if you did this on purpose or accident but, there is supposed to be a secret door here. Just giving you a heads up in case it was an accident.

                        BTW, it works in FTE too. Just the surface ambient is too high. Runs way better in FTE too, for me.
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                          One thing about controlling ammo is that subsequent runs simply require less ammo, once the person nows what's what. I came in expecting ammo conservation already (since you mentioned your intent on this thread), so I tried to take advantage of infighting, and triggering the monster teleports to get some telefrags. I don't remember if the demos showed success of these or not, however.


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                            I would say your demos illustrated that. I had fun watching your demos. At one point you had the ogre stuck in the corner nading himself off the wall. I thought that was slick. You had that perfect sweet spot where the ogre could traceline you but the nade offset was hitting the wall.

                            In all reality and seriousness, my girlfriend's contribution to that map were some of the dogs by the regular nail gun. We were watching it together and she said "My dogs " Why did you kill my GF's dogs and make her sad, brah!?
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                              I did it just for the kill count.