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Great Help in finding good SP maps in no time

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  • Great Help in finding good SP maps in no time

    Hello Quake Players,

    Some people may wonder which map to play after you finished all original maps.
    Well, there are hundreds and hundreds fan-made maps available which are in most cases even better compared to original ones. is a page which hosts them all, including screenshots, descriptions and even a rating system. But even though it has a map list with a filter system, you still have to click each maps name to see a screenshot. So, finding a map which suits your interest is somewhat cumbersome.

    Do not despair, there is a great solution to find your perfect map within seconds.

    By clicking the below link, you will be send to a page wich shows randomly 9 map screenshots with nice or excellent rating:
    click me

    And the Best thing: Each time you click "refresh" in your browser you will see 9 different ones. Always rated with the 2 highest ratings (4 or 5 stars). Screenshots say more than a thousands words they say. So go and try it and you will find a perfect map for you in no time.

    Have fun with Quake !

    Best wishes,

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    Awesome, thanks for the link!!
    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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      Nice! Thanks, Seven. One possible minor hiccup, though: picking up maps only from the screenshot might make people miss some graphically poor maps that have great gameplay.
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        Beautiful and useful
        Make Quake Great Again


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          Quake injector is also very good!