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Definitive SD Mod?

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  • Definitive SD Mod?

    I know about Quake 1.5 and Arcane Dimensions, but what other mods are there that work in the confines of the original fidelity of Quake1 while expanding it in authentic ways?

    Id like to see something that has software style blood/explosion/bullet decals and monster variants, maybe a few mild changes to guns or additional ones?

    you know me. i like my quake crunchy, creasy, and hard to see and scary to be seen. thanks!


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    Quoth, alter of storms, unforgiven, soul of evil are a few
    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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      In general go for Quoth2.2, there has been many map packs and episodes done with it so you can find many flavors, in fact it is probably the mod with the most maps out there. It also is quite coherent in content and probably follow The Mithos the best amongst Quake mods.

      If you are after hard gameplay, go also or Drake, but you'll have to play it on skill 0.

      And for when you complete what we have said just drop on Quaddicted for more. Put the filters monsters, weapons or episode on and have fun!