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    I am relatively new to Quake, I've been playing it on and off for the last five years and finally beat the fourth chapter today. I thought the Shub-Niggurath battle was really cool and creatively done and although it was easy the boss battle in episode 1 was cool to. My question:

    Are there any good maps or mods that have some epic boss battles?

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    'for my babies, binne dun gorne 2' and 'conference of the shamblers' both end with an awesome boss-battle with the vermis, a massive worm-like beast with a claw-like mouth

    red777 has an awesome boss-battle with 2 gugs

    something wicked this way comes has an epic final battle with fire-breathing heelhounds, a sha'vile (shambler/archvile mix), hexen2 wizards & yakman and a gug

    unforgiven has an epic final map with multiple boss-battles, including a hephestus (chthon), armagon, three hexen2 yakmen and the final boss is a black deathlord which transforms into a black dragon

    the map from EricW & FifthElephant from mapjam2 ends with an awesome boss-battle against two blue chthon's where you actually have to fight them

    A Roman Wilderness of Pain ends with a boss-battle again the cyberdemon from doom with all kinds of monster's spawning from spawn-cubes

    Sock's metal monstrosity ends with a boss-battle against armed drones, enforcers, droles and a gug


    those are just some examples of maps i can think of from top of my head which all have great boss-battles
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      awesome! thanks for the list, I had no idea there were so many


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          devils daggers is sort of one "long" boss battle.


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            twisted Christmas... you get to kill Santa


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              The vermis is in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties too and there's also a fightable Chthon in Castle of Koohoo. Episode 1 of Gotshun's Lost Levels ends with 3 (!) consecutive Armagon battles. Armagon himself of course comes from the official mission pack Scourge of Armagon. You fight Nyarlathotep in his pharaoh form in both the other mission pack Dissolution of Eternity and the Nyarlathotep map that comes as an add-on to Something Wicked. The latest version of Arcane Dimensions (v1.5) features a super-scrag boss and many maps in this mod end with epic boss or horde fights. Also, I haven't played it yet but I've heard that the unofficial mission pack 3: Abyss of Pandemonium features several unique bosses.

              @MadGypsy Devil Daggers is not a Quake mod...
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                wow there's so much to play. I definitely want to play twisted christmas, it would feel great to kill santa right now


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                  There are two official Mission Packs for Quake1 of which both have a boss. I'd recommend them first since they're older.


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                    @ Devil Daggers is not a Quake mod

                    hmph...I did not know that. It sure looks like one. I've never actually played it. I've just seen a lot of videos.


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                      Originally posted by Zop View Post
                      There are two official Mission Packs for Quake1 of which both have a boss. I'd recommend them first since they're older.
                      totally forgot about those and I still haven't played episode 5. it's awesome how much official content id releases for their games.


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                        It took me awhile to realize devil daggers wasn't a quake mod as well. It sure as hell looks like one.

                        The boss battles in the new Arcane Dimensions release are sick. Definitely save your game before jumping into the boss arena if playing on Nightmare...took me dozens of attempts. Good shit.
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                          Thanks for all the great information, guys. I started playing scourge of armagon and it's amazing! NEW WEAPONS!!!!


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                            Let us know when you meet Armagon.


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                              Boss battles are scarce in custom maps, usually more like arenas against some high tier enemies or just a Chton thrown there, so they are hard to find. You'll find boss battles the most in the second official Expansion, Dissolution of Eternity, than in custom maps.

                              Amongst those i remember and i can recommend the most ... there is this ones, but beware that some are in packs that are quite hard or on non-solid made maps overall, even if the boss fight is good. The most inventive things in custom maps tend to come in the less polished ones.

                     Very inventive boss battle.

                     This is a very good boss battle, but its the only good thing about the map.

                     The dragon battles in this ones. There is one more but not as good. Beware of the first levels and play on skill 0 or 1.

                              There is another with a big lava bug that i liked a lot, but i cannot remember where i have seen it. Found it!! Amazing this came from a random map maker.
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