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    here is a link to the entire gamepack. If you would like the .ent or .fgd they are located in


    This is for tyrUtils 0.15.5 there may be a newer version but, this is already way more than you need for id lighting style. I hope and pray that I actually upgraded the fgd for this version. I have a bad feeling I only did the ent. However, that means the fgd would be for 0.15.4 which is still way more than you need. If this is too half-ass for you let me know and I will make an ent and fgd for the absolute latest tyrUtils with not a single dot missing.

    As it stands, that link is actually a completely portable and 99% fully setup radiant with everything included and ready to go. You only need to do 2 or 3 little simple steps that I can't guess for you to make it 100% ready. The instructions are in the README and they really are incredibly small and simple steps.

    As an example, the hardest step is to open some file I specify and change "fteqw.exe" to the name of your engine. If you are using fteqw.exe you don't even have to do that step. I'm a big fan of spike and fte so I always try to support him in stuff like this. ACtually if I'm not mistaken, if you don't do my steps, you gonna use fteqw... lol! I'm pretty sure I included it and forced it.
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