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HIP1M3, more like WTF1M3

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  • HIP1M3, more like WTF1M3

    This is the weirdest/coolest official map I've played thus far. But I can't finish it as I have no idea how to get past the turning pipes of tumbling-rock-doom. I've tried the following:

    - Shooting the rocks
    - Shooting the pipes
    - Shooting the hooks off the pipes
    - Shooting the weird knobs of the end of the 2nd pipe you can see from the small window
    - Looking for a shootable button somewhere in the view through the little window
    - Looking for a button to disable the power to the pipes everywhere else on the map
    - Getting through by brute force with the shield and lots of armor and health

    I've even found all 3 secrets, one of which is apparently just a very creatively placed light on top of a rock. Amazing.

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    I think your last point is the key, i.e., red armor + lot of health!
    Keep trying....
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      Is that really the way it's supposed to be done though? Did you beat the level like that?

      I noclipped through the level and while I didn't find anything I missed (except for a ring of shadows hidden somewhere that the weird light secret opens by just being triggered), but I did notice three differently textured large boxes with nothing inside of them disconnected from the rest of the map. Can someone explain to me what purpose these boxes serve? It's not like there are any monster inside that could be teleported in to repopulate backtracking areas.
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        It isn't easy to time, and it's almost impossible to not get hit, especially on hard/nightmare difficulty. If you keep trying, you'll eventually get through. If you're not using quicksaves, then I wish you luck.


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          I just did a quick run of hip1m3 and I did not take much damage going through the pipes with tumbling rocks. I think it's all about timing really.
          One thing I did not test was if that part is getting harder on higher skill settings?
          I had two rocks tumbling when I tested it, did not choose a skill level.
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            its mostly just pure luck, getting through the rock-tumbler in hip1m3

            quick-save before the rock-tumbler and just try running through at different moments,
            and eventually after a bunch of tries you'll be lucky enough to make it through alive
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