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    Here is my first map for Quake 1. It's Singleplayer. And dark. Requires Sevens SMC. You know the drill
    I appreciate citicism, bad jokes and friendly words about this little dark place from my mind.


    Title : Inexhaustible
    Filename :
    Version : 1
    Date : 8 june 2017
    Author(s): The Killing Joke

    Credits : Seven for the wonderful SMC
    ID Software
    Monty Python

    Type of Mod
    Quake C : Nope
    Sound : Nope
    MDL : Nope
    Map : Yes
    Config : Yes
    Requires : Sevens SMC mod
    CdTrack : 3

    Format of Quake C
    unified diff : no
    context diff : no
    .qc files : no
    progs.dat : no

    Description of the Modification
    A small map, approximately 10 minutes gameplay.

    SMC required.
    Get it here :

    To play the map as intendet, you should use the attached smc_config.cfg file.
    If you already use the smc mod, backup your own modified smc_config.cfg before you overwrite it.

    How to use Modification
    - Install and setup Sevens SMC.

    - Rename your own smc_config.cfg.

    - Rename the attached smc_config.cfg1 to smc_config.cfg and place it
    in the mod folder.

    - Drop the .bsp and the .lit file into id1/maps

    Start your game with this command line: [Engine.exe filename] -game [smc mod foldername] -map Inexhaustible
    Without the brackets, of course.

    Always move. Aim. Think swift. Act, don't react.
    Don't tactic. Just berserk.
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    I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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    Hello TheKillingJoke,

    Woow, first map I saw that was made for the smc. What a pleasant suprise.
    Here is what I noticed during my playthrough:

    1.) Missing asset precache warnings
    You created a smc.fgd. That is great.
    You manually placed some additional smc monster types into your map (without the random replacement feature). The only issue you wasnt aware of is, that those additional monster asset files are only precached when the random replacement feature is used.
    Yes, that is my fault because I never thought that someone will make maps especially for smc
    And that is why you see the precache warnings texts at the beginning of the map.

    This is how you fix it:
    Replace this line:
    set torment_replace_ogre 0
    with this line in your smc_config.cfg:
    set torment_replace_ogre 0.001
    It will still prevent the monster torment to randomly replace the standard ogre but will precache all the torments assets.
    Do the same for the carnivean and all other smc monsters you manually placed/used in your map.

    2.) Dogs at the beginning of the map
    They get blocked by an invisible wall. That is not an smc issue, as it also happens when playing your map without a mod. It seems to be due to your usage of that red water together with the positioning of the dogs. If you replace the dogs with any other monster it will not get blocked.
    So either fix your map issue or replace the dogs by another monster.

    3.) Big door didnt open at the end of the map
    At the very end I could not finish the map because the door kept closed.
    Maybe I missed a switch.... I had to noclip through it.

    What I liked:
    The vertical part of the map. Good idea !
    Also your jumppad works fine. Congratulation.
    The different layers of brushes. A lot of detail on the walls with different textures.
    The "bloody" theme.
    The end fight was great. Especially the usage of the moving teleporter like in original shub niggurath fight. I could kill the shambler this way. Yay

    What I did not like:
    Too many torches all over the place.
    Some placed badly so that the auto-tilt feature didnt work. Keep them closer to the wall (less than 16 quake units. id1 maps use approx. 10 units).
    The lighting. It was too dark overall. I had to use the flashlight almost everytime. My poor batteries....
    Almost no wide places. Narrow rooms. Try to give a bit more space (also in z-direction )
    I ran out of ammo and health at skill 1. Yes I am a poor player, but you may want to rethink about the quantities.
    I found 1 secret but it was not notified as one. I got a "0" at the end. Maybe you missed something in the map.

    Overall a very good 1st map.
    And what a nice suprise that someone uses the smc for it.
    Maybe if you make your next map with bigger/higher rooms you could also add additional smc flying monsters..
    Thank you.

    Best wishes,


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      Hello Seven, thanks for your feedback :-)

      You are right, i have to polish a lot areas and things. The end door is already fixed, i forgot to set its spawnflag to toggle. I think the boundingboxes of the dogs are too big, but i will try to remove the red liquid / blood from that area.

      About the missing asset caching : Oops, i thought i set something up wrong. Good to know.

      It is indeed a very claustrophobic map, partially because i wanted it to be, but also because i'm still not used to the Quake 1 dimensions. The ammo is scarce, but i had nearly no shortages. Or i didn't notice... Well, i have to think about that i playtest a lot and therefor know the map and the methods to avoid Damage very good. Hiding behind pillars is good in the first shambler fight, covering direct below the Vore will make the beasts missiles explode on its feets and so on.

      More Ammo and health on the way with the next update.

      Yesterday i played an Abyss of Pandemonium SP map and ran around, jumped across ledges and felt the freedom of large, wide areas. Then i played my map again and it felt like an exercise in "micromovement". To be honest, it was my goal to make nasty narrow spaces, with big ugly monsters, which are always only a few centimeters away from the players throat. I like that.

      The lightning in this map is overall not the best (far from). I suspect lightning is an art in quake. Fallout 3 and Oblivion are easier to light. But i bet it's just me, used to the bethesda prefab-fast-food-feasts. And the in-editor lightning preview.

      I will extinguish some of the torches, you are right, there are too many of them. I already have some ideas to expand and reedit the map. Keywords : Windows and Skybox.

      I thank you for your advices and will make use of them when i work on this map in the next days.

      Have a nice day/evening/whatever your timezone is.

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      I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
      My little gore mod :


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        Ooh, a map made for the SMC, cool! I've thought of doing one too, maybe I will in the future... So, did you fix the issues?

        Originally posted by TheKillingJoke View Post
        The ammo is scarce, but i had nearly no shortages. Or i didn't notice...
        The problem with playtesting your own maps yourself is that you know every single nook and cranny like the back of your hand. You know the layout and monster/item placement by heart, so it's significantly easier for you than for other players. Also, not everyone has the same skill and playing style. This is why if you make a second map, it's important that you first make a beta and give it to some other players for playtesting before release.
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