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Best Single Player Episode/Map Thread

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    Yeah, they were great articles. The Elder World one let them down though, but I'll acknowledge the reason mentioned for why it turned out the way it did.

    Me, I generally have a dislike of mods/expansions/mission packs, and so don't download much, but here's my favourite ID1 maps:

    The Sewage System (all-time favourite)
    The Dismal Oubliette (very close 2nd best, especially in expanded form)
    Gloom Keep (but way way too easy)
    The Door to Chthon (the whole sequence from e1m3 to e1m6 just rocks)
    The Tomb Of Terror (too easy, but nice style and layout)
    The Underearth (fairly unique style for ID1)
    The Palace of Hate (toss-up between this and the Nameless City)

    I must arrange these into a special personal episode sometime.


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      Hi at all

      Hi at all!! I'm Italian boy, i live near venice, fan of Quake since 1996...For me the best single player map ares Belond Belief (packs) and Dissolution of Eternity e2m7 (Last Bastion)...


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        Alfader, you need to try some new packs, like Soul of Evil or WarpSpasm!


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          Breakfast at Twilight by Hrimfaxi, for me.
          Seriously, every single corner of this map had a lot of thought put into it, and the usage of both ordinary Quake and Quoth monsters is the best I have ever seen.
          Even the amount of ammo available and introduction to the weapons was good.
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            Ive only played afew but Beyond Belief wins for me.


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              Best SP one I played in a while was Swamp by Fat controller:
              Fat Controller's Quake Map Shed

              The map is HUGE....I made it work with CTF, probably a good one for using a Darkplaces server with 32 players if anyone ever tried that.


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                Travail was a very nice SP map pack.
                I might even make my own soon in honor of the GOF(Gamers Outreach Foundation), a gaming charity organization I am part of, that hosts LAN events, food drives, and other charitable events for the homeless, and so forth. I have some pretty good ideas for a SP map pack that I never really got around time to soldifying due to the fact I am very busy with CS but hopefully I can find sometime to do so eventually.

                With that in mind if anybody ever needs a beta tester let me know and I'd be glad to help.


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                  Penumbra of Domination, Zerstörer, Rapture, Soul of Evil, The Lost Chapters and Travail.
                  Thunderbolt forever!


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                    All maps by Kona: Ethereal Hell


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                      I'm liking the new Stark Monstrosity a hell of a lot.
                      IT LIVES!


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                        There is no "best Sp map"

                        My favourite Sp Episodes/Packs:

                        The lost chapters, various


                        ne_lend, necros
                        5_river, jpl
                        src (id1 version), jpl
                        kin_marcher, kin
                        sick base, rickyT23 (I actually prefer it to stark monstrosity maybe because it doesn't look that perfect)
                        tchak, Trinca
                        The Terracotta Terror, Tronyn
                        Some of Konas maps

                        ..and a lot of maps and episodes that i forgot, including some ik_white/blue/base maps


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                          Originally posted by BEEF34T3R View Post
                          All maps by Kona: Ethereal Hell
                          That is awesome. Thanks.


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                            zomg thanks rudl for the trust!

                            glad you like it!


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                              Yeah, I also like Kona's maps, some of them are just amazing stuff. He also has this nice map of the month section on the site, gives some other very nice map tips. Combined with qaddicted, 10four and UWFan's archive, I still haven't managed to download half of the stuff I want!

                              But anyway, from what I've played so far, dis_sp6, damaul6 and colony are maps that I remember the most, likely for their not so typical Quake themes. dis_sp6 is sort of Doom 3 like experience (and on skill 2 nicely hard) and damaul6 reminds me of Q2 theme, but put in Q1 world, nice. I also like the Zerstorer weapons, shame I haven't played it yet I suppose But I will, soon!
                              And colony just feels unique. Reminded me of Ziggurat Vertigo and that it's difficult to aim the granade in lower gravity world. Although the theme is very different.

                              Generally I probably tend to like those with rather raw approach and designed the way that they look original, but as original Quake, are tight in some places and hard. I mostly don't like rather easy maps, I need to be busy with trying to survive
                              And so also Coven of Ebony is nice. Some SOA (at least they look like what I remember from SOA) textures, long and (sometimes very) hard, very playable and very "Quake", great stuff too.

                              But there are so many beautiful maps and mods, that I'll not manage to play all I want till Christmas day comes!


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                                Terra.But I havent played many maps.