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Favourite single player Id map?

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  • Favourite single player Id map?

    Mine, for some reason, is Gloom Keep, not sure why. Crypt Of Decay a close second.


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    E2M6. The Dismal Oubliette.


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      Originally posted by ORL View Post
      E2M6. The Dismal Oubliette.
      i dont like the elevator bit before the x2 vores

      it scares me :S


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        Wind Tunnels 100%


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            Necropolis, Gloom Keep, pretty much all of e2, Satan's Dark Delight, Palace of Hate

            i really just enjoy all of the id maps a lot

            Originally posted by man_traic

            Originally posted by ORL
            E2M6. The Dismal Oubliette.
            i dont like the elevator bit before the x2 vores

            it scares me :S
            hahaha i had to carry that on....

            scar3crow: in a recent forum discussion of their favorite id maps, one person specified they didnt like e2m6 because the final elevator scares them. i think this could be considered a victory of map design.
            John Romero: Hahaha! Nice. I designed it after The Haunted Mansion....and I'm at disneyland this very second btw
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              I'd probably say the secret map in the second episode (e2m7?) I was playing it again, recently, and found that it's very well constructed, with good atmosphere and quite a nice challenge on nightmare difficulty
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                e1m3. If I wanted to show someone Quake, I'd show them that (skill 3 of course.) Unbelievable how many monsters, opening walls etc. they fit in that thing. And you gotta love the lowering ceiling stuff. The moat, the zombies...


                e1m4. I immediately loved the water bit, with the submerged houses. Still do. And I still didn't switch off water tinting just because of this map. And the ogre coming out of the floor... it looks like he's sawing a hole for himself to come through :-) It's so cool.
                e1m6. Just a map where everything is in the right place. The moving spikes bit is cool, as is everything else about it.

                Shareware quake will do, thank you :-) just like Doom, the best part is free.
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                  e3m4 Satanīs Dark Delight, the floating platform part was just the first time, and The Dysmal Oubliette of course


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                    End: Shub Niggurath's Pit.

                    This is my favoirite level.

                    Final Boss
                    Good for deathmatch


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                      I always enjoyed the Ogre Citadel, Palace of Hate, Castle of The Damned, and Necropolis. The last 2 just maybe more because of sentimental reasons.
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                        e4m3, I <3 quad and SNG. gibs are the best
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                          I'm surprised that only one person has mentioned E4m3, The Elder God Shrine. It is easily my favorite.


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                            ^^^ Yea, forgot about that one. The wizard's manse was really enjoyable too.
                            If you see 427 playing Quake thats me.


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                              so tricky to choose but for me it's got to be e1m8/ziggaraut vertigo.

                              The first time I played this back in '96 I thought my poor old 486 had reached lag city, till I realised it's just low gravity LOL!
                              however running it in DP today it has reached lag city! (i really must upgrade)

                              still, e3m5/wind tunnels are a close second (such a great concept) and e3m4/satan's dark delight a fair third (got to love the floating plats and gib-piston!)

                              still, e2m3/crypt of decay was a well balanced map too, full of cool secrets, features and traps; nail corridor, well of wishes, that annoying ogre up the top, the zombies guarding the nade ammo in the secret corner, the shambler behind the gold-key door, your first encounter with rotfish, the sneaky zombies that pop out the wall behind you... greatstuff. This is the map I always think of first when I think back to first playing quake on my freinds pc back in the day, so its pure nostalgia for me...

                              however there is a special place in my heart for e1m7/house of ch'ton simply because it's a proper boss map, just as end/shub niggurath's pit is, such a shame we never had bosses for episodes two through four, never understood why really...