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  • Hooray for me

    So after last 5 days of my occasional nightly Quaking, yesterday I came to visit Shubby's little crib.

    I know 99,9% of you this is mega old news, but just to describe my gaming appetites, this is, apart from my vast playing of NBA Live series, first "other than NBA Live" game I finished.

    That says a lot about my gaming history.

    So, bare with this rookie here

    First, after finishing Azure Agony and being informed that now is the time to visit the pit, I was really amazed, when it teleported me to the start map, but without that floor...

    When I looked at it, it really was a great moment in my gaming history

    With my Iron Maiden Live After Death album in the background, I just stood there and thought oh boy now when I pass the fist curve down there I'm gonna be Shambeled and Fiended apart...

    But, I wastn...there was just this little well...with teleport inside...

    It really takes a sick (in a good and positive way, don't get me wrong) mind to create such a entrance to the last level...

    Then, after fallin into the underworld of Quake, I shot blasted couple of fishes, and a Wizard too, picked up the armory and jumped into lavaport...

    And there I was...

    I already knew because I'm a lame gamer and I used cheats before when I first played Quake, how does it look...

    But this time I knew that I wouldn't.

    So I charged forward, fully loaded like a SWAT...

    So I blasted...but as I found out today on Quake Wiki, I done it completly wrong...

    I used rocket launcher...

    So I strafed left and right behind the walls and shot him...of course they move so I missed a more then a couple of times...

    So one down, two down, three down, no rockets anymore...

    Then I saw some stupid ass Shalrathans spawnin fallin from the ceiling and blasting my way along with "ladies, it's that time of the month" mawn

    So I started to economise on artillery...

    I sacrifised my young body for Shabmler's one hit, enough for that angry Shalrath to see me and blast at me, but as my supreme war tactics have planned, it hit the Shambizzy...

    So, one Shamb started to go for Vore, and me left with open territory to shot

    May I remind you I was still behind the first corner, not even passed that spike that comes out of the wall...

    So after using their fire on my account, I thought I got rid of those...

    But, another Shamb fell from nowhere...and I was on E with rocketes..

    And I didnt want to even try to use Lightning Gun, or as I reffer to it, General Electric.

    So how to get pass by what was seemingly a Shamblers delivery room

    I once again used hide and seek technology, this time with good ole SHOTGUN. Yes, you've read it right, not the double barred one.

    So it took me a minute to shot my way over that one Shambalier, but as he got closer, I must admit, last shot that took him down was from a double barred one, because he kept coming forward to me, and I was going backward to that starting point where is no place to hide but to be sliced up with his 6 claws...

    So he fell to the ground, making that first corner a Shambs memorial cemetary, with 5 or 6 of them lying over each other all in the same place...

    Yet again, my vast array of military tactics proved righteous LOL

    I marched forward, 48 health, thinking about how this is the first time I will finish the game and NOT cheat, and with Iron Maiden's Revalations started, I felt it's time to try to get to the teleport...

    But whoa hold up fella, there was two vores that I saw as I ran up the stairs...

    Also I shot few rebel shots at Shub just to let her know her demise it closer then she may think

    So, switching to General Electric, zapping Vores out of proportion, and then what is this - one more Shamb?!?

    But this time he went pushing up daisey's much quicker since the perforating powers and abilities of Perforator are VAST.

    so with him outta the way I see the teleport.

    VICTORY at last! as I march forward...and then bzzzz - VORE TIME!


    Get the fuck outta the way bitch, as my Perforator once again said, putting her out of her misery, and then...the big moment, the teleport express aka the Flash Gordon bowl flew around the room, I stood there, thinking finally I've done it, and it was approx. 10 years after normal gaming world done it.

    But then again, I'm not a gamer so when I jumped into it, and found myself in the very throb of the Shub, I kept grining...

    And yes, I've done it.

    SO...after this hilarious combat report, I will say this;

    Quake, the game, is really a gem for generations. It made me nervous, it made me scary, and it made me play till 5 in the morning.

    And no game done that to me.

    So, even if stayig up late or playing it all the time isn't news for some gamer freak, for me, a person who uses computer for everything but for gaming, this was a really fun moment.

    Now, I will continue to play from time to time the way I played it before, and that is with impulse 9 and 255 and god mode on.

    Because I can't get enough of those lovely gibbs.

    Plus I have to do it, to compensate for all the trauma and fear I went through during playing it for real.

    For all the "out of the blue" enemies, for all those Fiends that scared the shit outta me every time they jumped the corner, for those Ogres that rocketeered me like I did something do them, for those Shablers that made me run back to the start of the map and stay there for a minute and making me think "why do I even play this sick game"...etc.

    So, for who knows what time, Shub's bite it, and I'm happy.

    And now I will continue with my everyday life.

    I just need to get some cold drinks from the fridge, and pick up 25 Health along the way cos it's damn hot today

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      And now I will continue with my everyday life.
      No you won't! couse now its about time u install The Undergate along with Travail and Warpspasm and Nehahra and.......


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        Peg is right!! Beyond Belief is a good one also! So is scourge of armagon, and dissolution of eternity...


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          Paradise - What?

          Riker - Awesome, the General Electric line made me chuckle, and it warmed my cockles to see someone so enthused with straight up Quake once again. Your language kind of... shambles as you speak it seems. And yeah, if you want more classic Quake, download and play Beyond Belief, you can get it from Quaddicted:
          Very few qc changes, and damn good level design.
          Inside3d - Because you can't be Outside 3D!


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            Nice play-by-play


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              also dont forget to try the new travail mod. god i love mods is what keeps the game going enjoy!!!


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                good work!