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I need help with the Foggy Bogbottom map of Arcane Dimensions

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  • I need help with the Foggy Bogbottom map of Arcane Dimensions

    The map is also known as ad_swampy. Does anyone have any guide explaining how to find all the tomes necessary to get the rune? I managed to find a few, but there is still plenty of them hidden. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Oh boy, that's a hard one. Easily one of my favorite maps. It took me a while to find all of them, but I don't remember where they all are off the top of my head. I do remember at least one or two are hidden behind shootable glass somewhere up high. There's no real guide as far as I know.

    Maybe I'll play through it again sometime this week and see if I can help more.
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      That would be very helpful! Do you remember if any of these were hidden in the water? Should I look there?


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        If you watch this playthrough on youtube, this player seems to get all the tomes and 100% secrets.



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          Yeah, I found that playthrough too, but it's 43 minutes long so I was wondering if there was some video showing these secrets only. Still, I doubt I will find a solution faster than simply watching this video. Thanks for the reply!


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            I watched the video and with its help managed to find all the tomes! In case someone wants to do the same, I wrote down some timestamps from the video which may make searching for specific things useful. Scroll to a timestamp of your choice and watch the video for a while to see the thing in question revealed. I am sorry for any mistakes that I may have made regarding the timestamps:

            10:40 = The tome chamber
            13:05 = 1st tome
            13:50 = 2nd tome
            16:30 = 3rd tome
            19:20 = 4th tome
            24:50 = 5th tome
            25:20 = 6th tome and silver key (shortly after the 5th tome, so you may simply continue watching)
            25:45 = blood key and 7th tome (again, shortly after)
            27:00 = gold key
            37:15 = blood door
            37:20 = silver key (again, shortly after)
            41:00 = silver door
            41:20 = 8th tome (the final one)
            41:35 = a secret leading to a purple key and a big book
            42:35 = purple door
            43:00 = rune revealed

            I'm not sure if different versions of ad_swampy have been released since the recording, but I found the blood key in a different spot - mine was next to a quad damage powerup, at the highest point of the map (I mean the powerup which you have to reach by running up a slope and jumping, taking it is followed by the message about elephants not forgetting).