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"Arcane Dimensions: Lost Chapters" Hub - Nightmare Difficulty Switch

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  • "Arcane Dimensions: Lost Chapters" Hub - Nightmare Difficulty Switch

    Sorry to bother you all with such a minor hassle, but I can't get the switch to enable the Nightmare difficulty in the "add-on" hub (Lost Chapters, the one with Forgotten Sepulcher) for Arcane Dimensions mod. I know I can select the difficulty in the main Arcane Dimension hub (In the Beginning) then simply teleport to the Lost Chapters, but I want to know how to bring up the switch simply out of curiosity.
    Tried to google and surfed through youtube - nothings came up. Noclipping all over the map also brought nothing

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    Hi Sergeek,

    ==== SPOILER WARNING ====

    I could be wrong here but if I understand you correctly, you need to head to the hordes of Zendar portal, where the zombies are lying on the floor, and then go to the locked door to the immediate left of the telelporter for Zendar. Back in to the doorway and look up. You should see a Red star shaped button which when shot will unlock the nightmare selection pillar.
    Hope this helps
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      Hello, kind sir, and thank you! Feeling stupid after missing such an obvious switch, ha-ha!
      I have another question about Arcane Dimensions, maybe you also can help with this one:
      Doing the complete run of the Forgotten Sepulcher, got 100% in k/s, finished the Kraken challenge, aligned the planets, but no Lich Fiend in sight. Does he even spawn?