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Quoth and Scourge of Armagon Music

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    My first attempt would be to rename the sound folder with the SOA tracks into " temp" and play with the quake cd using "play cd".

    What I don' t understand is why there are soa sound tracks on your hard drive? I played scourge of armegon without sound tracks installed on my hard drive.

    If so, delete them and use that apropiate cd for game sound.

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  • Sergeek
    started a topic Quoth and Scourge of Armagon Music

    Quoth and Scourge of Armagon Music

    Hello! I'm currently playing Quoth and its mappacks with QuakeSpasm 0.93.1.
    To properly start Quoth, you must use "-hipnotic -game quoth" line to enable Scourge of Armagon HUD. But the thing is, I also have actual SoA Mission Pack installed in my QuakeSpasm folder, right in "hipnotic" directory with complete tracklist. And for some reason, when I run Quoth, it uses SoA music tracks instead of original Quake ones. Is this normal? If it is - can I somehow keep my SoA installation and also play Quoth with original Quake soundtrack? I like it better than addon's.