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Malice: "Murder at the Disco"

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  • Malice: "Murder at the Disco"

    Here's a map I've been working on for the past 6 months or so for the "Malice" TC.

    It's a sort of Cyberpunk themed nightclub complete with a small outdoors segment, and tons of epilepsy inducing lights (Avoid this if you do have epilepsy by the way).
    Figured I'd try my best to build the map around the gun play of Malice, as that was that TC's greatest strength... So expect to be fairly flushed with ammo.

    This map is also bundled with an alternative start map (start2.bsp) which will allow you to select your difficulty and pick between playing vanilla malice, or the new map.
    Nothing groundbreaking, but this map was initially intended to be part of an episode of sorts.

    The bundled readme has some helpful information for getting this map up, along with a link to a patch that fixes quite a few bugs in Malice, along with a couple other quality of life tweaks.

    Don't forget to bind your keys...

    But enough of my rambling, time to get blasting!

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