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    Howdy guys. Some of you remember me as Arwing or Radrat. These days, I'm a a freelancer artist. I made those nifty nirvana mods. Recently my friends had a lan party and asked could they play through single player using nirvana 8 - Life of the Fighter, which I had never tried with real people before and it was actually really friggin fun and LONG...long, as in it took around four 3-5 hour sessions to actually beat quake on nightmare with 4 people.

    Lately, I've been touching up the code and doing some extra play-testing mainly for lan stuff. Since the quake one community is still going, I may rererelease it. I know a lot of people liked Life of the Fighter, because its like the angry step father that never stops abusing. Anyone up for that?

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    /I've only played Quake 6-7 years so I admit I'm not familiar with earlier Quake mods. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      Hrm.... this was the old trailer from 2 years ago.
      ignore the spelling error.

      As far as the stats on the 2008 release of Life of the Fighter, the original campaign of quake runs quite well. I stripped down nirvana 10 and 9 (TFs and Minion Final) and took the best of each mod and stuck them into the code I have now, so the monsters now have good velocity, swimming, and maneuverability(aka the whole level can agro if it really wants to at times). I killed the level waypoints, because they caused crashes in the larger maps during multiplayer coop. Right now, I am testing it with the humongous list of single player maps over at I'll most likely record demos and put the best clips into the trailer for the next release.

      Now as a lesson for newcomers, go ahead and download the copy of Life of the Fighter from quaketerminus if you can. It's roughly 80% of the way there, but only plays about half as aggressive as the current Nirvana version, labeled Hordes. I call it Hordes because of the way it plays. In LOF, you can clear each level pretty quickly if you use your ammo right and keep from being chased, because the enemies kind of fight on their own paces. In Hordes, stuff just comes at you in one big wave if you play sloppy.
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        Originally posted by Baker View Post

        /I've only played Quake 6-7 years so I admit I'm not familiar with earlier Quake mods.


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          As a quick update, Hordes is now stable, and the ai has been beefed. Revisions include:

          -enemies, from the point you start the level, begin organizing and forming into squads, so the faster you begin clearing the level, the less likely you're going to encounter the platoon of no return.
          -Hexen 2, Heretic 2, their mission packs, as well as the two quake mission packs have been decompressed and I'm sorting through the monsters, sound files and what not.
          - Monsters also have a more-specific varying degrees of intelligence regarding how they handle a cornered player, some will rush in after you while others will back up and take stationary positions and continue laying down fire.
          - monsters have more-specific thresholds for pain and fear.
          -fish suck, so they were replaced with scrags
          - zombies are annoying, so they were replaced with grunts.
          - the more you die in coop, the more the general horde of baddies will move torwards your spawn points. in e1m5, my buddies and I had to fight the entire level in that first room, because of one boss fight gone wrong.
          - by local demand, monsters can no longer climb out of the water. They can still swim quite well and fire from the surface.


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            Although this mod has its problems (death anims, warping monsters, some ID maps don't load...), it's quite a blast to play.

            Nice to hear there will be an improved version; my only suggestion is not to overload it with monsters from other games, like it recently happened with SuperDuperQuake (imo).