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  • Qtest MOD

    hi i am Mega lol and i present my frist mod

    Qtest MOD
    play qtest in your quake

    Whats the difference?

    -Supernailgun fires 2 nails in random direction from the weapon
    -Grenade launcher fires random direction
    -No lightning gun
    -No axe
    -No powerups
    -No explosion sprite
    -Ogre fires nails
    -Items picked up won't be invisible, they will be a yellow sprite
    -Rocket launcher is more faster
    -Ambient sounds removed
    -the monster have the old skin
    -the nailgun fire one spike
    -the wizard launch explosibe balls (mdl, not the sprite)


    Mega lol!:d
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    hehe cool i have toe models for qtest in fvf aready

    do the oges use the pull sequence?

    man tose nail ogres are leathal
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      tnx for the opinion
      the nail ogres has a error, in the qtest ogre fire one nail, here fires 5
      but i mmodified this and the frikqcc compilator says "; is not a name
      in the future i included qc for dragon, vomitus, serpent and the old model of the shalrath
      PD: the screen are from the dm1 level(modified whith mosters and called test1, inspired from here )

      here is the FIX of the nail
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        hehe i have that shraglarth in fvf also when it dies it just stands there because it only has like, 5 frames, also im gonna look in to that ogre thing because my naulgruts only fire one nail :/ and they nedd more to be dangrus form afar

        also i wanted to see the vomitus from the first time i read its death message in qc


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          Nice work, can't wait to see the rest of the monsters.
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            in 1 or two hours,you can see the vomitus and the dragon(the serpent i work tomorrow)


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     called the nail ammo you pick up fleshettes..that was my idea :/


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                i create a qtest mod exactly (play qtest1 and look the name of the ammo)
                PD: the qc for dragon is more dificult, this work is for tomorrow, now i work in the vomitus


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                  Originally posted by Mega lol View Post
                  in 1 or two hours,you can see the vomitus and the dragon(the serpent i work tomorrow)
                  Very nice.
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                    now play whit the vomitus
                    the folder vomitus put in the folder sounds
                    the model vomitus and vomis put in progs folder
                    the put in maps folder
                    progs.dat in the qtest1 folder




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                      hmm was the vomitus supposed to be a boss or somthing??
                      cos thers only 2 bosses [or oine because shub dosent really do anything]

                      unless you count the master spike in its pit!!

                      hehe that mdl looks fimillair could it be

                      its cooool
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                        the mod is for WinQuake NOT PROQUAKE i test whith pro quake and is not compatible, the model vomitus i got from a one level very old called the trilogy for the original qtest1
                        are you a cheating??????
                        this is a example


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                          hehe i had god mode on because i was see ing how it moved and attack pattrens also if i was at normal i wouldent get enough fotage


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                            look i have a error in the frikqc compilator in the time to compilation say this
                            error: dragon.qc:323:"" is not a name
                            but the error say the error is nothing why say "" i understand why no compile


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                              i get simalair errors when i make 'homemade' qc documents
                              but my error is usually
                              error "{" is not a type

                              does it tell you what line the error is in?, i use frikgui and itll say which line its on like

                              error: "exmple" is not a type (q505) [225]

                              where 225 is the line its on
                              i dont know if this is help but im trying to be helpful :\