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    Actually, doesn't the Quoth pack include Hip's robot scorpion? Does that mean that Quoth developer can simply include other open source stuff in the pack?


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      Actually, doesn't the Quoth pack include Hip's robot scorpion?

      Does that mean that Quoth developer can simply include other open source stuff in the pack?
      Practically, yes.

      Legally, maybe, because Hip's source isn't under the GPL iirc. Only the GPL guarantees that open source stays open.

      Morally, dunno.

      Reasonably, well, just ask IBM, Sun, Novell, HP, Redhat, AMD etc. why they are supporting open source software and actually pay developers to work on Linux and so forth. It's easy:

      Let's assume that you make a (software). You have two options:

      1. Make it open source.

      Result: Everybody and their dog uses and modifies and improves your stuff. You get to reimport their improvements into your project (IF they release the source, too, for example because your mod is under the GPL), without paying them anything. Your reputation goes up, people want to collaborate with you, your development cost (time and manpower in this case) goes down. Everybody gets a better product in the end - a win/win situation.

      2. Put the source in a chest and bury it on the beach. Don't do requests (I have the source, so I make the rules).

      Result: Some people use your stuff, but some also decide they really want feature X or they're not willing to deal with you or they have other ideas. So the more determined people start their own stuff, instead of contributing to yours, and a split occurs in the community. Your reputation may even go down, and people may wish for an alternative that they can tweak to their liking. Especially pioneers and early adopters will move away from you, and the rest will be less than satisfied. This is what happens to (evil software corporation X), for example.

      A rationalization of option 2) would be that the end justifies the means, for example to create the ultimate product for a certain use which everybody would benefit from, uniting the community. Or preventing abuse. Or becoming really rich, or whatever. You can find a number of reasons. But in the end, they all fail.

      If option 2) was really successful, why are some of the most determined and flexible and talented people not using that product? Are they all stupid?

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        Speaking of Quoth, does anybody have one working version of it? I enjoyed it tremendously until 2nd level - Slipgate Triplex - then my heart sank when it crashed upon next level load with message "could not load E1M3.BSP."

        I downloaded it from its official site, I am using DarkPlaces and never had any such issue which drives me to believe that my obtained downloaded copy was broken from its original site (I downloaded it 2x-for error checking purposes).



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          i don't think they made a third map, i believe its an on-going mod, which would explain the non-open source-ness of it because its not done. maybe it will never be done untill they get sick of looking at it.

          i think they should add the NailGrunts, i even made a NailGrunt.qc and still have the sounds and the little song by Ln'L i guess i could pack it all up in a zip with his and amons permission


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            That is very odd. It looked complete to me because they released 2nd episode or continuation of it called "Quoth2." If I recall correctly, instructions said to unpack it into same directory with 1 and play it, you get extra episode or something and some patches for 1st one.

            This was very long time I go I played around with this - last summer. I shot them e-mail and nobody responded back.

            Hmm.. I will take your word for it. It was such high quality mod that it made me reminisce of original Quake levels with twist.

            O.. maybe someday we can play whole thing..


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              Quoth is majorly a mapper's source project.

              The maps coming with Quoth download are examples showcasing the features a mapper can utilize when he makes a new map for quoth.

              Quoth2 is a continuation in the sense that it adds more monster entity and other stuff to the first release. It does not include a new episode of maps.


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                It's a toolkit for mappers, yeah.
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                  The Pyro enforcers wield a flamethrower weapon, is it possible to add this weapon to the player? Quake always lacked a flamethrower, and other games from the same eras (ie Blood) have flamethrowers.


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                    In theory, yes.

                    In practice, it's very difficult to code flamethrowers, because of their nature.
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