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  • Quoth maps?

    I was wondering if there was a list of which maps/mods use Quoth?

    I really like Quoth maps and wanted to see if I could find some more. I've only tried a couple like red777.

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    Hah, quaddicted doesn't list this it seems.

    Off the top of my head,

    Fort Ratsack by Biff Debris
    Ruined Nation by Distrans
    kellmet1 - I Pity Thee Not by Kell
    newer maps by Necros (ne_lend, ne_tower)
    Plumbers don't wear... by Than
    possibly (unsure) DM3RMX by Than
    Most maps by RickyT23
    Most newer maps by JPL (5 Rivers, SRC, Fort something)

    Transmission thingy (Space Hulk) by ijed (I think)
    tpof - Palace of Fear by ijed

    Lost Chapters (something like an earlier version of Quoth)

    Warpspasm (uses Quoth monsters but not pure Quoth IIRC)

    Spirit, heeelp!
    Scout's Journey
    Rune of Earth Magic