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  • Your Quake Done Quick

    I was just watching on Youtube "The official QUAKE DONE QUICKEST movie", although I'll never be as good as that guy, I did however try to do my quickest run. What are your guys' top 3 fastest maps that you can do?

    My top 3 fastest maps were:

    Quick: E4m5 - 21 seconds
    Quicker: E1m6 - 11 seconds
    Quickest: E2m1 - 10 seconds

    I can do quicker on easy with god mode and a rocket launcher from the start but that would be too easy.
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    I don't know how I would do at completing maps, but I was the best at dying the fastest in creative ways (as in not getting killed by a monter or blowing yourself up, or jumping into lava...)


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      My Quake quick with a friend in co-op in our old mod was about a hour and a half. We made the game basically have a Hell mode. Monsters were doubled and did slightly more damage. We made it so a 2nd monster would spawn with the one in the map - lazily basically copying and pasting the entire AI code again as a 2nd enitity to avoid looping monsters spawning which we encountered lol - nothing like seeing a single ogre spawn into 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, crash

      Made the game quite a bit harder. Zombies became a big issue as in E1M3 they were doubled and limited Grenade ammo. Had some funny issues with it as we made the 2nd spawn infront of him. So you occasionally got one stuck in a wall or thrown off a cliff. E4M7 at the Vore area was HELL. 4 Vores up top, 4 at bottom.


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        E4m5 16 seconds just now!

        With only sg
        Quake One Resurrection
        Great Quake engine

        Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
        Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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          I tried again and improved:

          Quick: E4m5 - 16 seconds
          Quicker: E1m6 - 11 seconds
          Quickest: E2m1 - 9 seconds

          Unless you master the strafe jumping I don't think any of us are gonna get better than 16 seconds on E4m5