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    Weapon Test <-- Updated - zip file incorrect.
    Download removed - new version out:

    Please read the readme to set it up.
    It's just the weapons - so use Impulse 9 and use the 1-8 keys


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      i cant believe you did it OoPpEe...all those weapons for us to enjoy

      ive been wanting a good weapons mod.

      your mod is great



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        Cool stuff OoPpEe!


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          Download from - send big files the easy way
          Download removed - updated. See:

          Updated test

          You can now scroll through your weapons. The QTest Shotgun had it's spread increased a bit as it was more of a pistol in accuracy. Also for balance reasonings on the QTest shotguns - as they have reduced spread (a very noticeable difference too) I added a 50% random damage to it. So the pellets can do either 3 or 4 each. Each pellet is defined itself - so when you fire - some will do 3 others will do 4.
          The QT Rocket Launcher had it's rate of fire reduced by .05 for balancing. I may at a later date bring back it's original rate of fire but reduced blast radius.
          Fixed the player mjolnir animation issue. Previous one had him just glide with the hammer out. Fixed now. Only noticed if playing multiplayer or in third person.
          Auto weapon switch on ammo pickup is disabled presently due to it always switching to the top tier weapon in that particular slot. For example if you had all the nailguns "unlocked" (id1 nailgun, qtest ng and lava nail) - if you had the ID1 nailgun out and picked up normal nails it'd switch to the Lava Nailgun. So until that is fixed - it's disabled. I actually like it more like this though. What do you think?


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            Hello OoPpEe,

            got noticed by your mail and had to login again.
            I will start testing with your newer version then.

            Regarding auto weapon switch.
            I already edited it for personal usage, so that you only switch when you get a weapon you didnt have yet.
            But in your case I would also leave it out completely !
            Having various weapons in each slot, makes it confusing.
            If you implemented DP code to only switch when its "better" would maybe be satisfying.
            But that would mean, you have to "hardcode" the chain of sequence.
            And that is a major personal liking thing.
            So leave it out forever.

            Thank you for your hard work.

            Best regards,


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              Dr.ShadowBorg did a whole new "best weapon" that specializes in the added weapons:
              void(float oldcategory, float new, float category) Weapon_Better =
                 local float oldweapon, or, nr;
              // extract weapon info from .weapon2 depending on what category
                  if(oldcategory == IT_AXE)
                   oldweapon = IT3_AXE;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_SHOTGUN)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_SHOTGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_SHOTGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_SHOTGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_SHOTGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_ENFORCER)
                    oldweapon = IT3_ENFORCER;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_SUPER_SHOTGUN)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_SUPER_SHOTGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_SUPER_SHOTGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_SUPER_SHOTGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_SUPER_SHOTGUN;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_NAILGUN)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_NAILGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_NAILGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_LAVA_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_LAVA_NAILGUN;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_SUPER_NAILGUN)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_SUPER_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_SUPER_NAILGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_SUPER_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_SUPER_NAILGUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_LAVA_SUPER_NAILGUN)
                    oldweapon = IT3_LAVA_SUPER_NAILGUN;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_GRENADE_LAUNCHER)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_GRENADE_LAUNCHER)
                   oldweapon = IT3_GRENADE_LAUNCHER;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_GRENADE_LAUNCHER)
                   oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_GRENADE_LAUNCHER;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_PROXIMITY_GUN)
                   oldweapon = IT3_PROXIMITY_GUN;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_MULTI_GRENADE)
                   oldweapon = IT3_MULTI_GRENADE;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_ROCKET_LAUNCHER)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_ROCKET_LAUNCHER)
                    oldweapon = IT3_ROCKET_LAUNCHER;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_QTEST_ROCKET_LAUNCHER)
                    oldweapon = IT3_QTEST_ROCKET_LAUNCHER;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_MULTI_ROCKET)
                    oldweapon = IT3_MULTI_ROCKET;
                  else if(oldcategory == IT_LIGHTNING)
                   if(self.weapon2 & IT3_LIGHTNING)
                   oldweapon = IT3_LIGHTNING;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_CLIGHTNING)
                   oldweapon = IT3_CLIGHTNING;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_LASER_CANNON)
                   oldweapon = IT3_LASER_CANNON;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_MJOLNIR)
                   oldweapon = IT3_MJOLNIR;
                   else if(self.weapon2 & IT3_PLASMA_GUN)
                   oldweapon = IT3_PLASMA_GUN;
              Tha's some of it. So it creates a hierarchy of which is (lowest to highest):
              ID1 -> QTest -> "New" -> MP1 -> MP2

              Reason for this are the ID1 weapons overall are the weakest. Then QTest's are better overall. Like the QTest Single/Double Shotguns have less spread. The "New" weapons are better overall - Laser Gun and Chain Lightning. Mission Pack 1 weapons are very good and Mission Pack 2's weapons are overkill.
              So the auto switch for me is good BUT only on weapon pickups. I always hated it in Quake you'd autoswitch on ammo. So I think I will keep like that - no switch on ammo but yes on gun pickups.
              Now that I got the selection and the guns ready - now it's onto doing the randomized ammo/weapons then after the monsters.


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                Did encounter one "consistency" issue. As the Mjolnir in Mission Pack 1 was it's own slot (slot 9) you could switch to it easily when it didn't have enough ammo to be used.
                So I am moving it to the Melee Slot (1).
                Presently it causes gameplay flow issues:
                You could have any of the cell based energy guns and be low on ammo (I will say 14), enemy is at a range so you go from LG (or Chain Lightning) to switch to the Laser Cannon - however the Mjolnir comes up first and it is useless as it doesn't have the needed ammo to be used and won't switch (as it's also melee use too). If I make it so it needs ammo to be selected - then you cannot select it if your ammo is low. Which is bad as it's a damn good melee weapon.

                So it's now being moved to AFTER all the energy guns. So presently on forward cycle it goes lg/chainlg/mjolnir/lasercannon/plasmagun/axe/sg/ect
                will now become:
                It will also be moved to the Melee Category on weapons - so it will not be shown on the HUD as it's out of place presently as all the "Slot 8" weapons are actually futuristic looking weapons and the icon shows that - the Mjolnir is....a hammer. So it's better suited to the Melee Category.

                So next update it will be removed from the "Impulse 8" cycling and but instead in the "Impulse 1" cycling.


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                  @R00k - does your grappling hook also connect to sky boxes? Been presently trying to find a way for it not to.


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                    Found that damn bug, I forgot a simple "else" on a line of code and that caused all my headaches.

                    So this is likely the final test to be released.
                    Need to follow the instructions to install.

                    What the test includes:
                    25 Weapons split into 8 Slots.

                    Slot 1
                    Grappling Hook

                    Slot 2
                    QTest Shotgun
                    Enforcer Lasergun

                    Slot 3
                    Super Shotgun
                    QTest Super Shotgun

                    Slot 4
                    QTest Nailgun
                    Lava Nailgun

                    Slot 5
                    Super Nailgun
                    QTest Super Nailgun
                    Lava Super Nailgun

                    Slot 6
                    Grenade Launcher
                    QTest Grenade Launcher
                    Proximity Gun
                    Multi Grenade Launcher

                    Slot 7
                    Rocket Launcher
                    QTest Rocket Launcher
                    Multi Rocket Launcher

                    Slot 8
                    Lightning Gun
                    Chain Lightning Gun
                    Laser Cannon
                    Plasma Gun

                    You can cycle through them with the the scroll wheel now (on all the weapons).

                    QTest Shotgun - changed spread as if I left it to the original values - it'd be 100% the same as the ID1 Shotgun. So it has reduced spread and each pellet will do 3 damage 50% of the time, 4 else.
                    QTest SSG - made each pellet have a 50/50 chance of doing 3/4 damage.
                    QTest Rocket Launcher - Reduced rate of fire by 0.1 as it was just beyond overpowered. Still is, but will be a rare pickup.
                    Grappling Hook - GREATLY reduced range, after 0.4 seconds the grapple flight is cancelled and it's rate of fire is 1 a second. This was to allow use in SP maps with keeping partial balance in. Otherwise it'd just allow to skip over everything on all maps. (Will make the range SP only at a later date)
                    Multi Grenade Launcher - Explodes into clusters even on direct impact of enemies. Before it'd just cause a single explosion which did the damage of 1 cluster. So you actually got punished for getting a direct hit on a enemy with it as it'd do 1/5 of it's potential damage. That's fixed, but remember now - that means if you are hit with one by a enemy (monster or player) it'd now hurt more.

                    Possible Upcoming Changes
                    Modified sounds for the:
                    Multi Grenade/Rocket Launcher - they sound identical to the original. Would be very close to the same.
                    Lava Nailguns - they will keep the hiss after. However the firing sound would sound slightly different. Again a minor edit.
                    Chain Lighting - needs a modified sound.

                    Bug fixes from previous version
                    The weapon cycling back with the Slot 8 weapons works properly. Thanks to Seven for finding it!
                    Cheaters bug appears to be fixed. Basically if you used impulse 9 - it'd pull out the Rocket Launcher, and if you scrolled up it'd go directly to the Slot 8 weapons, skipping over the QTest RL and Multi Rocket. This seems to be fixed now too. Also discovered by Seven.

                    Latest Weapons Test


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                      As this mod as come out of the "Planning Stage" and I now have a test out. I created a thread for this in the "Works in Progress" sub-forum. Please use that thread.