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    Just bumped in to ask... is this FullHD or HD only?


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      Overall I'd consider it "Full HD". The original low poly enemies are still present (unless you use some of the replacements I've done/ported - we NEED more people doing high poly enemy models!) however using Reforged's textures make them have extreme details.
      The maps are untouched, but have complete high-res textures with gloss, luma and normal maps. So it's as HD as one can make it without completely remaking the entire game. You can run Darkplaces in 1080 if you'd like but need a powerhouse PC for that - I run mine at 1600x900 and if I max everything my PC crawls in many areas.


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        I've overused this whole HD stuff nu marketing speak with a wink. Panties is probably either trying to make fun of me or follow joke...

        It's as much HD as you can get. I've not included some stuff for aesthetic consistence like not using few high-poly monsters so others don't stand out badly.

        Performance... I've forgotten to edit resolution in config.cfg and someone with low spec will experience moment when he see slide show on 1680x1050. HD5850 churns out avg 70FPS that got cut in half sometimes on water but you can turn off water reflections and remove shader it got really steady then.
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