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  • Quake Mission Packs?

    Is there anyway to buy the Quake mission packs without Steam these days? I play my Quake in Linux, so the Steam client isn't really an option for me. I could always do the eBay thing, but I recent search turns ups many rather excessive prices compared to a download from Steam ($20+ versus $5), so any hints would be much appreciated.

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    Sadly don't believe there's another way aside from Ebay and other auction sites. I couldn't find SoA anywhere.

    However you may like this:
    [ame= &sr=1-2&condition=new] Used and New: Quake: The Offering[/ame]

    Another is available, just change the =new at the end of the link to =used
    It's $25 but new and boxed - worth it for that reason IMO

    but if you want cheap:
    [ame] &sr=1-1&condition=used[/ame]
    [ame] &sr=1-1&condition=used[/ame]

    Then there's a double pack (both expansions)
    all 3 options here are under $15
    [ame] &sr=1-2&condition=used[/ame]


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      I guess the best bet is to install steam using wine and use it to download the game content, then use a Linux source port to play.


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        Steam will work on Wine? That's good to know, though I do wish that iD would do a deal with GoG and start selling its back catalog without DRM.


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          Just wait for a good deal on ebay, you can find them very cheaply some times. Just the other day the The Offering for Linux was sold for <10$.

          I paid 40$ for that some years ago, silly me.

          And do not forget Amazon: hh (remove the first two "h")

          edit: Bloody hell, this forum destroys links with its stupid renaming.
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