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  • QHD v1.44 BETA

    I've tinkered with it for few weeks and it's less of a “beta” than some of my previous releases. I couldn't bring myself to do a playthrough, so there is a chance that something went wrong somewhere and slipped unnoticed. Once someone reports successfully completing a playthrough of Quake and both MPs, I'll delete beta from the name.
    No other changes planned. Several people have offered in the past help with testing it, so eventual reports will be much appreciated.

    I've discovered a source of increase in DP performance two years ago.
    "r_coronas_occlusionquery""0" use GL_ARB_OCCLUSION_QUERY extension if supported ( fades coronas according to visibility )
    Enabling this cvar fixes ugly effect, with coronas from projectiles and explosion shining through models, including weapon viewmodel.
    It happens at a huge performance cost though and it was enabled by default on old builds.

    What is more strange, after disabling it on DP build from 2011, coronas kept fading out when behind models anyway, but I've got same performance boost as with new builds.
    In fact old build is 1-3 fps faster most of the time, with some rare places where performance difference is huge.
    For example in e1m4 when standing in the alcove with biosuit and looking between wall and pillar at the door I get 37 fps with DP2013 and 55 fps with DP2011 build.
    For few reasons, I keep using build from 2013 by default in the compilation, but I've included older one as an option with some short comparison in the main readme.

    Changes in v1.44:
    • Included features of SMC v4.55.
    • SoA: Sky in the first episode has correct color now.
    • DoE: Dragon gibs textures.
    • Original texture for spawns is used by default, its lowres nature is not really much noticeable and looks best, overall imo. This also solves a question of skin for the third spawn type in DoE.
    • Ruohis' model for hellknight projectile with adjusted size and textures brighness, so it's not solid yellow.
    • Lighting cvars values changed to make it darker and maybe closer to original. I've started to like it more that way.

    • Intermission: Camera sway like in original. Mouselook disabled on new builds too.
    • Weapon icon will blink on pickup when using custom layout ( icons on the side ).

    QHD addon changes over SMC v4.55 - new:
    • Bugfix: disabled player footsteps during finale sequence.
    • Bugfix: fixed glitched wizard fall dust effect that was spawning two copies of the corpse on fall and the second dust cloud after being touched.
    • When player is hit by explosion special version of this effect is spawned that looks beter in fullscreen and cause no performance impact, its a nice performance optimization for single player.
    • Changes to SMC particles effects are meant to give them more faithful feel and better performance. Most of altered effects received another iteration of polish since my previous release of this addon, check out new Scrag spit for example.
    • Most of unused features don't precache their assets, which decreases loading times. Latest SMC release claim it already, but it cheats a bit, with a lot of the bloat being loaded anyway outside of the start map. Fixed few precaches outside of worldspawn sequnce, like watersplash sound for example, that caused minilag the first time you shot at water on a level and sound had to be fetched at that moment.
    • Option to disable hellknight red glow when casting magic attack, adjustable hellknight projectile size. Removed from knight and hellknight hit and death sounds.
    • Adjustable probability of using one of restored hellknight attack animations ( original one looks much better with hknight flame spray attack, so restored ones were unused for a reason ).
    • Some under the hood rewrites, that should make further work easier, of no importance to end user, but it took the most time, hope it'll pay off...

    • Option to use original sword death animations, with or without "phantom knight" effect.
    • Modified lava nailgun textures: cracks on barrels glow in the dark and gloss effect added to super lava nailgun.
    • Minigrenades can splash in liquids. Dragon gibs won't disappear.

    QHD addon changes over SMCv4.55 - old:
    • Optional workaround that prevent corpses from creating weird piles of suspended mid air models when gibable corpses are enabled. Height of the corpse bbox depend on the height of the monster bbox.
    • Shotgun casings with more interesting physics and sounds. There are 10 "bounce tink" sounds spawned randomly each time a shell bounces and 10 random "resting" sounds when it stop moving.
    • Adjustable gibs buoyancy and some other minor gibs physics tweaks. Adjustable weapons gyro force and optional explosion physics tweaks;
    • Adjustable additional effects from external ent files: lightbeams, particles, rain, snow, fog...
    • Default models and skins are untouched by multimonster feature, that way it avoids conflicts with maps and mission packs that use altered models, or secondary skins for original quake models. It can also use up to four additional models with two skin each and allow user to choose any possible combination of them vith autoexec,cfg cvar.
    • Option to disable pickup items particles effects. Option to disable player bleed effect, it cause performance issues with "cl_decals_models""1" in case someone want it.
    • Ogres will aim properly on low gravity e1m8, now stuff got serious there
    • New "pulling a chainsaw starter" idle sound from the SMC used only for the restored "pulling chainsaw starter" animation, while the original "scratching a floor with a chainsaw" ogre idle sound is enabled again for other animations. Original sound creates great ambience imo.
    • Option to adjust volume of monsters footsteps and monsters fall sounds.
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    Quake HD: Embrace the decline and have some guilty pleasure with it, or join a club for monocled gentlemen at quaddicted and play Quake the way it's meant to be played.


    • Thank you very much _Smith_, i will do a playthrough asap and will give you feedback!


      • r_coronas_occlusionquery allows them to fade based upon how visible they are, thus allowing them to fade smoothly. without it, they'll be traceline-culled and will be either fully visible or fully invisible, which can be a bit ugly.
        Some Game Thing


        • Originally posted by webangel View Post
          Just tried it and my torches in hip3m1 are working fine.
          Which DP Version do you use?
          Maybe a engine related problem?
          Originally posted by _Smith_ View Post

          I can't reproduce this issue, torches on this level work properly for me.

          You can try:

          Open console and type: restart
          You should use -hipnotic command line parameter, not -game hipnotic.
          Try windows DP executable, if you have access to windows.
          Try updated SMC directly from Seven ( remove all DP_SMC_*.pk3 files from QHD and use only stuff from Seven's package, use his autoexec.cfg files too and check readmes )
          @webangel @_Smith_
          Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but my gaming laptop was broken and I had to send it in for repairs. I finally have it back now

          I did the following:
          - downloaded the new 1.44 Beta release.
          - I still had the issue with the torches
          - I deleted the .darkplaces user dir, and guess what the torches work

          no clue what was wrong with my user dir, but hey it works now

          Thanks again for the fantastic work!
          Last edited by pete; 11-30-2013, 06:56 AM.


          • Hi _Smith_!

            I have played EP1 without any problems/glitches so far - this is an epic compilation! Thanks for updating and providing it for us! Keep on this awesome work!

            Will keep you informed when i played through the rest!

            Kindly regards!


            • Hi _Smith_, great compilation!

              I have a question. I use DP New Teleport v1.23 because it is the one I like the most, and it works just fine. However, there is a minor issue: the stars effect in front of this new teleport gate is still there. How can I eliminate this? I assume that I have to comment out some block in the .ent files in DP_SMC_id1_v4.55_qhd_Entities.pk3, but I am not sure which ones. Could you please guide me?

              PS: Are multi-line comments in .ent files just like C++ multi-line comments, i.e. /*code*/?


              • Hello,
                just try to rename the file "DP_Teleport_v1.2_qrp.pk3" to something else, not .pk3! Then try again...


                • Hi Webangel,

                  thank you for your reply. Nice thought, but this is not the case. I have removed DP_Teleport v1.2 in order to not have any conflict with DP_Teleport v1.23. The weard thing is that the teleports are now "hellish red", as they are in v1.23. However, the stars are still there!


                  • Hey guys I downloaded v1.44b and some of the player weapon textures appear garbled:

                    When I remove the file "IP_Weapons_Ruohis_My-Key_Plague.pk3" from the id1 folder all the weapons appear in their original form but when I put the file back these weapons look garbled.

                    I checked my 1.44b download and the file has no corruptions, my guess is that the weapon pack contains a few wrong sized skins, anyone else having the same problem?


                    • @ac3d
                      this has nothing to do with the models, this has to do with nvidia driver bugs.
                      downgrade to an older version of nvidia drivers and the problem will be solved

                      ive seen this bug before myself, and its caused by bugs in some beta nvidia drivers.

                      i myself use driver-version 320.49 and this bug isnt present in that version.
                      i intentionally stick with this version cuz all newer versions i tested so far have this same bug
                      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


                      • I see, I'm currently on 331.93 and the latest version is required for BF4.. hopefully it gets fixed in the next versions


                        • Hello! Excellent mod first off. Second, I'm having one problem with your pack. I keep getting these messages; I outlined the problem better in the link below:


                          Thank you for your time!


                          • Hello everyone! Looking forward to finally getting this pack installed. Just waiting for my quake cd to come in the mail. Can't wait!