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Do you play with the soundtrack on?

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    Multiplayer Quake1 and Music don't go together,

    I advocate these cvars rule the QVerse

    r_ambient 0

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  • Legend
    I tend to switch it up between the original st, the diabolika from quake epsilon, quake 64, and the original hellraiser themes from Coil. They all work well.

    A dynamic soundtrack like the one in Soldier of Fortune would be pretty awesome.

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  • mercuriusfm
    Yes it works very well for the original sp game.

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  • ArDaMaX
    Hell yes for ambience!

    Yes - Original quake soundtrack. & Methods of destruction.

    Or i play this in the background

    Blood - One Unit Whole Soundtrack. some tracks fit VERY well with Quake 1's atmosphere, some others may not.
    Regardless, wonderfully "Hellraiser" esque. the tones and chimes, whispers?

    If you havent heard that one yet. OH MAN. Father time, chill at 32 seconds in, every time.
    [ame=]Blood Soundtrack - Father Time - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Blood Soundtrack - Unholy Voices - YouTube[/ame]

    (think of this one [pestis cruento] every time i play Nehahra )
    [ame=]Blood Soundtrack - Pestis Cruento - YouTube[/ame]

    before anyone asks, yep, i have the Entire blood collection and the community made mods for it too, Absolutely adore that game lol.

    well, ever since i found the GoG version which is actually painless for me to run and found a fix so it plays on high resolutions without low fps issue but i digress.

    edit: Lyrics? for the Pestis Cruento Track.

    pestis cruento vilomaxus pretiacruento cruento pestis shaantitus shatruex infuscomus lokemundux bhuudesco cruentu paashaeximus profanuxes durbentia pretaanluxis bhuuesco praaNsilenux infirmux cruonit bhuudesco invisuu bhuudesco cru-shen-ta-us (cruensseasrjit?) cay-oo-n-to (cruentu?) invisuu caecux shatruex pretiacruento geropayati pretiacruento cruento pestis shatruex prayaNavita domus-bhaava infuscomus lokemundux cruento paashaeximus

    Blessed be the Order of heavenly Blood

    Curse the enemies of Chaos

    Make this dark world exist

    We pray in ecstasy to achieve wisdom

    Our spirits become the living dead

    Foreigners we were, filled with bloodthirsty hate

    Believers we are, filled with bloodhungry hate

    Be enlightened by the heavenly Blood, Be filled by the heavenly Blood,

    Massacre our enemies, Curse their homes

    Sounds like what the probed "Grunts" would be thinking hmm? and maybe the Death Knights

    Fun fact about blood. the developers actually made their own sort of "Mystery language" for the game itself in which the enemy cultists spoke in. lol

    edit#2, if someone can tell me the embed video tag this forum uses? Thanks! (NVM obviously figured that one out lmao)

    many more great tracks on this game too.

    Highly suggest giving it a listen, if you aren't familiar with them already, truly a "cult classic" haha
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    I suppose what would be cool is to have several tracks playing at once, with the volumes changing very carefully as you enter different situations to create a clean fadeout between tracks. But that probably wouldn't work too well now that I think about it.)
    check out this map it switches the sound track at different parts of the map - For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2 by Mike Woodham in the Quake map archive at

    can you give us an idea of what the soundtrack is going to be like in scouts journey ?

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  • OMacKnight
    I'd say it depends, but the more I play Quake, the more I seem to end up listening to random thrash albums.

    I think Rust in Peace - Megadeth, and Souls of Black - Testament, have been played the most now whilst I'm on quake. xD

    But on the second question, if a mod states that is has it's own soundtrack then I'll give it a listen. If I don't like it, then I won't play with it on, but I'll give it a chance at least.

    (PS, on the music playing when entering combat, have it play when an enemy spots a player perhaps? I'm not used to quake programming, but I can't see why I couldn't be done. In theory that is. Then with co-op, you'd need a way to have it cue on a particular player's end I suppose.

    I suppose what would be cool is to have several tracks playing at once, with the volumes changing very carefully as you enter different situations to create a clean fadeout between tracks. But that probably wouldn't work too well now that I think about it.)

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  • NightFright
    I have recently received a copy of "The Official Doom II Strategy Guide", featuring an interview with John Romero at the end. There, he said that Quake was intended not to have any soundtrack. Ambient sounds would completely suffice and create the atmosphere by themselves, he stated back then.

    Guess that interview was made before they redecided about this idea. In the end, I think adding a soundtrack after all paid off, and using it just makes the whole thing feel more complete. Yet, it is also an interesting experience not to have any music, and I believe the game can be played in both ways just fine. After all, I am a fan of the Quake soundtracks (including the mission packs), so I will always have it loaded when playing.

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  • golden_boy
    Yeah, it is, in an engine that supports a) sounds moving with entities and b) stereo sounds (FTE/DP/?). It needs QuakeC to have the player detect a combat situation and then play a sound sample that moves with the player.

    It would break in a coop situation since there are several players, so I guess you would need CSQC to play the sound sample only to one player/client.

    Having the sample loop until the battle is over, ie play for variable length, would be pretty hard. You'd have to play a second, trailing out sample on the same channel that matches the end of your loop and doesn't cut the previous sound off.

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  • Kliffington
    I haven't modded Quake ever in my life, and I don't have a lot of programming experience, but perhaps there is a way to que music only in combat situations?

    Maybe when the player takes damage from a monster entity, it triggers a soundtrack that fades out when the monster is no longer aware of the player, or is searching for the player.

    I played around with Qoole when I was like 10, but that's about it
    Is that do-able?

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  • golden_boy
    My original reason for asking this was that I had the idea to do a dynamic soundtrack for Remake Quake, which would have interfered with the NIN soundtrack.

    I'm not actually sure what happens if you don't specify the CD track in your map's worldspawn (I don't play with the soundtrack on).

    I'm not sure what the Schism project is doing for music now, I just know that some people really wanted to do a full custom soundtrack (somehow a lot of people want to do game soundtracks), so maybe they're doing that now.

    Then again, one of the maps had an organ playing, and the NIN soundtrack would totally drown that out.

    It's an interesting question to consider, if you're making a mod that includes new music but not a full new soundtrack.

    I'm one of those people who likes to be able to really hear the ambient sound effects of a game, and I prefer having musical cues only where appropriate. The old Tomb Raider games did this really well - you would get some uplifting cue when you completed a puzzle for instance (I guess they still do this, the TR games just got less engrossing).

    But I guess Quake is more about getting in "the zone" and letting your instincts take over, so that hypnotic NIN stuff would fit well.
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  • Kliffington
    Depends, usually no, I will typically put on Alice in Chains

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  • MadGypsy
    classical music - primarily Schubert, Mendelssohn & Liszt.

    This is circumstantial though, because these are the primary artists that are played on the radio station I listen to.

    I also listen to the secret agent music link in my signature. (which is generally excellent video game music for almost any kind of game)

    This is pretty universal for any game I play.
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  • RL Clown
    Yes, I play with the soundtrack on. The music keeps me pumped up (or energized).

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  • talisa
    my answer was no before, but when i tried the soundtrack again half a year or so and played it for a while with the music i quickly came to love it.

    the haunting ambience of the sound-track really adds to the game, and since i tried it half a year ago or so ive always been playing the game with soundtrack on.

    at first i thought it didnt work that well long ago, but when i listened to it again and tried playing it for a while i discovered it works really well, it adds to a lot to the dark and evil horror-ish atmosphere of the game, and i wouldnt wanna play quake without soundtrack anymore

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  • R00k
    no, ambient sound the sound of the game is where its at.
    if u need music then save it for the intermission or cinematics.
    Gameplay should be focused, true though in some games where action isnt so pedal to the medal u might want background music. but If we are just talking about Quake 1 nah.

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