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  • Quake & Mission Packs - Flash Versions

    Quake ID1:
    Quake Reloaded - Arcadeous

    Mission Pack 1:
    Quake Resurrection - Arcadeous

    Mission Pack 2:
    Quake Renascence - Arcadeous

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    So it was true, is possible to play directly in the browser... That works well with quake, since is small, but I wonder how does that fare with big 2011 titles that weights a ton?

    Anyway, this is interesting, and I love to see again the good ol' software render, it's been ages since I used it last time.


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      2011 titles not for a LONG time.
      This actually takes more resources than the standard Quake itself - this is basically a emulator.


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        Well, I meant for stuff like this, though for what I've read is more like streaming from a computer that accepts your input to play the game. I havent tried it myself, mostly because Im not a great fan of recent titles, and my connection speed is really bad, but it does get me curious.


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          Yeah that's all that is. It sends a video/audio feed of what is being placed on the monitor and coming out audio. Basically it's streaming the game from the video and audio out (kinda like how you can play PS3 on a GBA screen using a third party device)


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            Quake 2 in a Browser via WebGL!

            3D | Play WebGL Game