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  • Mapping to be done :)

    Is anyone interested in making maps for a mod called "portal_gun"

    See: for more details on the mod.

    See: for the latest images of what I'm looking to be extended.

    I'm going to start cutting up some prefabs so it'll just be a case of opening up an .rmf in worldcraft and copy & pasting together whatever you want to make a test-chamber.

    There are *un-portal-able walls, *emacipation feilds, energy pellets, energy pellet catchers, cubes but no buttons the cubes affect and grated 'illusory' grills. There will be buttons the cubes affect, moving platforms and hopefully 'panels' that rotate.
    All that as well as corridors and start/end rooms will be in the pre-fab file so the style can be kept throughout.

    I just want there to be buckets of maps.

    C'mon ppl, lets make a bad-ass mod ....I'll be at it for a month of sundays on my own.

    *I've seen it working but I don't know the values yet. I'll have 'em and get all that in before I release the pre-fab filled .rmf
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    dissapointing guys.


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      Mapping is pretty time consuming and mappers might just be busy with their own projects.

      Ask at func_msgboard maybe (don't make a new thread though).

      Or just wait longer. Or start doing it yourself until you can impress people into joining.
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        I'm not a mapper

        but I like what I see, Portal Gun + Quake 1 = Qortal.
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          Originally posted by golden_boy View Post
          Mapping is pretty time consuming.
          Thats why I'd make a bucket of prefabs for everything anyone would need.

          Originally posted by golden_boy View Post
          Ask at func_msgboard maybe

          Originally posted by Phenom View Post
          I'm not a mapper

          but I like what I see, Portal Gun + Quake 1 = Qortal.
          Qortal ....I like that ...I'd been pushing for Slip-Gate-Gun but Qortal sounds catchy.
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            Someone should combine Minecraft + Map Making for Quake. Then I would make maps 2ez, obv.
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              You should get in contact with nahuel to improve your portals with this stuff.

              I am not a multiplayer guy, but I have this loose idea for a mod:
              - close to none weapons on the maps,
              - each portal gun shot costs battery ammo,
              - neurotoxine gas in the air to force players to be in motion searching for respawning health packs,
              - tons of button activated traps,
              - tons of possibilities for setting up traps using portal gimmicks like:
              - tight long corridors with portal resistant walls, with portal vulnerable ends through witch players can send spikes or lasers from different part of the map using portal,
              - setting up portal to lava pool and trying to shoot other end under players feet, etc.
              - jumping pads to fast travel around map with marked landing spots to make above trick easier,
              - rare powerups and weapons hidden behind portal gimmicks based arcade challenges,

              Being multiplayer something like three really well designed deathmatch arenas should be enough to make it relevant for a long time, while three singleplayer puzzles can be finished in 15 min. Just remaking portal puzzles in quake is as cool as pointless especially when Valve is about to release level editor for portal 2.

              I am not going to help you, I'm just throwing ideas around.
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                Qortal.. I like the name..
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                  OMG my tower was broken for one whole year!
                  (and windows 7 was so flashy and nice I got distracted ...also I was high ...a lot)

                  Back at this project I'm wondering ...does anyone know any software that will open a quake one .bsp besides Quark ...I really need the correct keyvalues to make walls that can't hold a portal. The MOD's project leader hasn't been on for a while ...probb' gave up on the project as I'd been off doing other things for an age but really badly want to get on with this right now.

                  Oh and thanks _Smith_ that looks amazing. [so sorry to have left for so damn long)

                  Haha, my computer couldn't handle proGL before I dusted every single internal componant could barely run GL despite playing Oblivion just fine.

                  Computers weird ...but now my laptop is no longer pluged into my main computers keyboard, mouse and monitor and pretending to be what my tower is ...I'm refurb'ing another tower as well ...mmmmm three computers ...I'm so greedy
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                    Hard to believe anyone is this out of touch...
                    May be too intense for some viewers.
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                      Always a pleasure to surprise people. :p
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