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Q1 SP+MP full & free!!!!!!!!

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    You're gonna need to leap some legal obstacles, and it won't be easy. So far it seems your operating off of presumptions,albeit good ones. I'm still pretty sure there is going to need to be a lot more work under the surface of it all (and limiting your scope to DarkPlaces as "free" paths of Quake enlightenment ,at the least, aggravate me.)

    DirectQ supports external item textures,model textures,and map textures, and offers 99.9% more compatibility over DarkPlaces in terms of "what hardware it can run on".

    With fn Epsilon, and every other user-bundled compilation of other peoples works with a dash and pinch of trivial tweaks labeled as whatever the user has deemed their purpose is.... It's just fn annoying lately. No offense, but if you're trying to make a "Free Quake" that everyone would possible be referred to in order to

    1]get quake free
    2]actually be successfull +90% of the time some one actually bothers getting our beloved Q1 and wants to run it in 2012.

    It won't be with DarkPlaces, you're just gonna generate more people with more questions in regaurds to compilation of other peoples works thats been either slightly (or in a RARE case, heavily) modified version.... of the user like yourself or the Epsilon guy, or the updated SMC some other guy created/modified off of others works.

    /end rant

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  • Doc.LuLLe
    Goodies in there:
    This was the original starting point of the Dismal Oubliette, e2m6.
    It was cut for size reasons since it made the .BSP file go way over
    our self-imposed 1.4mb limit.

    There's even a secret in this little guy.

    I created this part of e2m6 in a marathon map-making session. I was
    in a hurry to get Quake content-complete and needed something really
    fun for the start of Dismal Oubliette. Little did I know that months
    later I would have to shed a tear and say goodbye to this little one,
    returning the Dismal Oubliette back to its original state which is
    what everyone is familiar with today.

    * Copyright / Permissions *

    Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
    levels. I have included the .map file, but no additional files are
    included. If you have Thred, you can load this map up and modify
    it. If you do make any changes to this map, please contact me and
    let me know so I can see it!

    This BSP may be distributed in any form you see fit. Have fun!
    Retextured it, so take a look.

    DM7: a nice Multiplayer map that never mede it to gold-dunno why - map is complete and hmmmm..
    DM8: dont try it, dont know what it meant to be, I copied the quarter to get a ring, but I really dont know waht was on JRs Mind........

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  • Doc.LuLLe
    started a topic Q1 SP+MP full & free!!!!!!!!

    Q1 SP+MP full & free!!!!!!!!

    Hi Guys,
    this is almost free quake, "almost" cos u still need the shareware pak.
    What is it?
    Its Quake1 99% complete. How does it work?
    Engine: Darkplaces (GPL)
    Maps: John Romeros GPL'd maps
    Textures: Rygels Texs resized and used for retexturing Romeros Maps
    Models: SW pak0.pak has almost all models. Missing: enforcer and hknight-i put some ugly models in, enforcer is female now (wooot?)
    Sounds: pak0 + lots of free sounds from the internet
    +stuff from openquartz and various artists, cant really remember
    press f7 for doom3-style lightning

    u can add high-res textures if u like-stick to DP's Manual.

    Big Goal is a 100% free quake, but lotta Models r missing
    A few can be stealed from Shamblers Castle (D3Mod) but a few had to be made from scratch...
    If theres someone out there who knows how to convert the md5 models to DP let me know pls!
    There are also some retexturing bugs (for sure), I would be happy if you would post look out for them.

    Ok heres the link, pak0.pak (shareware quake) is included, hope that isnt an ubercopyrightviolation
    Pls test & let me know what u think.

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