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  • Suggestions for a long weekend...

    Dear all,

    Reading some news over at Spirits page I noticed that Tronyn (one of the best map makers for Quake) made a lot of reviews the last months.

    I especially enjoy his "Top Ten" map lists, which is a must for single players.

    In may this year he posted a "Top Ten" list for Rogue-like maps with the "Temple" theme. Follow this link to read his review & suggestions.

    I personaly am a big fan of these temple-like maps and fully support his "Top Ten" list.
    If you did not play some of those maps yet, be sure to do so on the coming weekend

    And while we are at it, you may also be interested in Medieval Maps

    It is always a good idea to visit Spirits page from time to time.

    Have fun,

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    thanx for these links seven.

    immediately downloaded those maps in both of those lists from quaddicted
    few of them i know cuz i played them on rquake coop server, like 'Temple of the Thousand-Faced Moon' and 'Avanipaala Praasaada', those ones are indeed amazing maps

    i personally am a huge fan too of temples and medieval maps, and rogue-like maps with lava and castles and such

    so thanx a whole bunch for those links to those lists of maps
    new maps are always great, especially if it are temples and castles and such
    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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      Arghh! I worship Tronyn maps! Soul of Evil, Unforgiven, Coven of Ebony etc.. are my favourite SP episodes. I've even taken some HD textures from heretic/hexen/doom to play it even better.


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        Dear all,

        As many of you maybe know I am a big fan of fantasy/temple/medieval ambience.
        Maps from the outstanding mappers Tronyn and Necros are a good example for these.

        Now that sock is very active for Quake 1, I found some maps which uses his beautiful egyptian-theme textures.

        I would like to recommend you the wonderful map from Fern:
        The Grand Guignol

        If you like egyptian theme, there is no way around this map
        Just look at the screenshots.
        The architecture of the map is really nice and it has several new twists / ideas.
        You will be suprised!

        Grab it from here

        Have fun,


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          There is a dedicated Review-site with maps, reviewd by Tronyn.
          Knowing that Tronyn also makes and seems to like fantasy/temple/medieval maps, most of the reviewed maps are of this kind.

          All the reviews have screenshots and ratings and a nice description.

          Follow the link to quaddicted´s world

          Have fun,

          Some random screenshots:


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            when i start The Grand Guignol it tells me i need to change the skill level or there are no monsters... how do i do that...

            i have been quaking a lot this weekend im on map 3 of roman wilderness of pain
            made it throw dry sorrow
            and i played a little bit of The tomb of chak toh ich ak (good smc map)

            and a old map by the author marilyn
            some times its good to play a map like this just to be grateful for all the talent at quake that gives us good maps


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              "when i start The Grand Guignol it tells me i need to change the skill level or there are no monsters... how do i do that..."

              Seriously? Hahaha

              Bring down the console(hit ~ key), type skill 3 then restart VIOLA!
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              Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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                Originally posted by damage_inc View Post
                If you use DP's type sv_cheats 1 first.
                ... and if you dont use DP ? You do not need to cheat then ?
                So DP makes players weak

                Hello Josh,

                For me it is sometimes unbelievable what and how many amazing maps do exist for Quake...
                If you would put them alltogether, you would have 100 Episodes and material to play Quake until you are old

                If you did not read Tronyns document about how Quake´s mapping scene and maps developed over the last 15 years, you should defenitely read it.
                It is a wonderful piece of history and has many interesting points, subjects and screens.

                It is a .pdf document and you can get it from here:

                Have fun reading it.


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                  Actually Seven, I posted incorrectly! For just a skill setting that's not needed
                  Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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                    type skill 3 then restart

                    thats what i needed thanks for the help did you ever get quoth saving right?


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                      Originally posted by JDSTONER View Post
                      ...did you ever get quoth saving right?
                      Yaman, sure did Shssss... don't tell anyone but... using an old version of RMQ dated "12/24/2010"!!! Ouch, hehehe

                      Working great so far, jus' finished up RickyT23's Deja-Vu! 5 map mini episode

                      EDIT: Updated, I guess, to the "last" version of RMQ(01-08-2012), works the same so all is great
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                      Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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                        Tronyn made us an early christmas present with his "Something Wicked This Way Comes" addon:


                        Be aware to meet some zombies on the way
                        And be sure to not be afraid of heights

                        Some impressions:


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                          Tronyn map is crazy it took 20 min just to cheat throw it! lol im going back and playing it agin i havent made it to map 2 but i took a look at it and wow this one is challenging.

                          if your still needing a zombie fix try
                          when you play this one you may need to put on a coat the atmosphere is so real you will get the chills... when i think of the quake addicted harddrive i think its kept in a place like this.

                          this is more then just a zombie map it also has hafe dressed girls trying to kill you with a quad staff. and other monster i have never seen in quake.

                          i got crazy errors that poped up when playing in dp but the game did not seam to be effected


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                            Hello Josh,

                            Yes, I think we both enjoy the same type of Quake maps
                            Necros and Tronyn are mappers from the 1st league and meet exactly my / our taste.

                            The Altar of Storms, that you mentioned has an own thread here at quakeone, as it is an outstanding experience: click
                            There are also some screenshots from Dani.


                            Talking about great maps, there is this special one, I would like to recommend.
                            I am sure you will love it.
                            It needs no special progs.dat, so you can use this small mod if you like...
                            It´s size is almost unreal for a regular q1bsp format. You will play this map for a looong time. And it almost feels like a bsp2 map.

                            Really great textures from other mission packs and wads.
                            It starts narrow but gets huge soon enough...
                            It also has the longest / deepest waterfall I saw so far.

                            If you want to play it with High resolution world textures, be sure to have all of Moon[Drunk]´s and webangel´s textures in your mod folder.

                            Some impressions:

                            I tried to catch the complete map, but it is too big:

                            I wish you lots of fun with this one.
                            It is part of the Winterpack 2005-2006 and is called egypt.bsp by Hrimfaxi.
                            You surely know this great mapper too from lots of beautiful maps before.
                            This .bsp is over 7 MB in size (almost like ne_ruins)

                            Have fun,
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                              DON'T MISS THIS ONE!


                              just started playing it so far so good i love the environment!

                              lots of good secrets in all the right places (i can never find them in most maps)
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