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  • Quake Beta maps into Final

    Hello, guys! It's my first post here. I'm trying to put maps from Q v.0.8 to final, but it's dont work because BSP version of beta maps is 28, not 29. I tryed to use some bsp converters, BSP editors, but it's typing error when I try to do.

    I found a comment on the [ame=""]youtube[/ame] video.

    Adding support for BSP28 and stubbing out the bwritebyte functions in the progs.dat makes the prerelease playable in a modern engine 
    Please, can someone explain more about it? How to.

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    Hello T02my,

    Somebody did this for you already: follow me

    Have fun,


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      Thanks a lot. It's a moment when you want to type much smiles there

      But, I have some problems also. I'm playing via WinQuake cause I'd like the "software" graphic style, when I'm changing resolution to 1024x768 game still run slowly on Windows 7. There also problem with finishing level or quitting from the game, when I do it, the game type "Draw_TransPic: bad coordinatries. Maybe, it's cause Steam version?


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        newer engines have software renderers. May I suggest engoo or makaqu.
        WinQuake is no longer the right tool for job. Just dont use it.
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          Try DirectQ; gl_texturemode gl_nearest to get the "software" look.


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            Ok, guys, thank you for giving the names of useful ports! But, I have a problem with engoo, it's awesome port, but when I want switch the game to fullscreen I have graphical issue with colours, same like running WinQuake.exe on Windows 7, so I'm using a window mode, but there is only 800x600 resolution, how switch to 1024x768 or another? (Tryed vid_mode 14, but it's work only in Q v.0.8. )

            makaqu still too run slowly as winquake in fullscr mode.


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              Originally posted by R00k View Post
              Try DirectQ; gl_texturemode gl_nearest to get the "software" look.
              Listen to this guy. I started to suggest you do this earlier, but you seemed rather hell bent on doing what you wanted to do.

              direct.exe -width 1280 -height 1024

              ps :your aches and pains will probably all cease to exist once you make the engine jump from engoo to directq.
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                DirectQ crashing when you're entering in portal of E2M1 or just typing map E2M1 in console with error "An unhandled expection occured."


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                  uhm, can anyone post the links to quake 1 betas beside qtest? like this v.0.8 and v0.3...