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Is it a "Old Thread" or..?

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  • Is it a "Old Thread" or..?

    This site is no place to talk about "aging topics" but I was looking at some other forums and I noticed something that bothered me. We all can agree that one should NEVER from a new thread if one is already going. Nothing is better than to get an helpful answer or response from a Forum Post you forgot about.
    Unless its a topic that has ended or exhausted itself- you leave it open. This saves bandwidth and is helpful to the people who joined the thread. It wasn't but a few days ago when I found a post about "Quake being Dead". I went as far as to sign up, verify my email and waited for approval.

    This was on a Doom? Forum or something. The thread was only 8 months old. I have responded to ones 4-5 years old with Positive results. I took my time and give them my opinion and sent about 16 links to related Quake 1 and 2 sites.
    I seen a couple were looking for answers so I answered them too in the same post. Well, I came back a few days later and was shocked I had no responses.
    So I went and checked to see what was going on. I seen that my response was Deleted by some ahole Admin and post was "Closed". WTF?! There was no dam reason for the dick to do that. Obviously he had no right to pick and choose the topic and call it a "OLD" topic and close it. Some Admin obviously needs to be kicked. *I also forgot to mention the most recent Post was 4 months ago. I checked around and found OLD threads and they were open after years.

    The POINT of a dam forum is for others to decide what they will talk about. It always makes me wonder what kind of loser admin comes into a thread (Another example) with a good topic that is going strong after it has been dead. Then declaring it "OLD and LOCKED".. I never see that issue here on thankfully. My main question is "What is a "OLD Thread"? If its going strong then its not old! Why waste bandwidth,room, time with 7 new Threads when it would of been 2 or 3..? What other things do Admins do that really piss you off as well? (Fucking with a Thread is Pet Peeve with me!)

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    I won't lie, when an admin is too lazy to respond and just says to use the search function, when a thread doesn't exist, that pisses me off.

    Not too long ago I was on a PSP hacking forum, and wondered if anybody had translated a certain game. So I created the thread in the correct place, /AFTER/ looking for it for a while so there weren't two threads doing the same thing.

    Closed within 3 hours because I didn't use the search function apparently.

    When the thread didn't exist.


    I know that they shouldn't just cater to idiots, but if something doesn't exist and covers a topic several people might be interested in, it makes sense to leave it there.

    So, an admin who'll be a dick but not give a reason why, to have sorted the issue here, the admin could have pointed me into the right direction since I said I couldn't find it anywhere on the forums. At least it would have made sense to remove.

    Fortunately, the community here has been absolutely wonderful with any requests or queries so far, and unless you step out of line, everybody seems to get along. (This is actually one of the few communities I'm somewhat happy to have even a miniature role in.)

    On topic, Doom fans can be like that, I don't know why though. (Well, I do, but I don't understand how they get the the point where they presume it's dead.)
    wew lad


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      You're ranting on Quakeone about some other forum? lolololololol

      That's funny stuff, man.