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    Originally posted by Planetnine
    This is what I am getting from your posts and it may be biased so that is why I want you to confirm.

    1) We don't need to fight wars. We would be better off as a society without them.

    I don't disagree with you on this but I think you are dreaming of another time, about 500 years in the future. In the present time, we have a world divided into hundreds of countries and numerous religions. With a limited amount of resources and no other place to go. So yes we are going to continue to war.

    2) We don't need to use currency/money/paper. We should change our system.

    Again, you want to live in a time that just doesn't exist right now and maybe ever. You basically want to live in the Star Trek Universe. People aren't paid money, no wars are fought on earth, everyone is united with a common theme of exploration, and everything is done to promote the good of the society as a whole and not individually. That is a magical place to live in but it is a fairy tale.

    No. Currency/Money was invented thousands of years ago to help alleviate problems that plague the barter system. It has come along ways since then and has probably outgrown it's original definition and meaning. However, at it's most basic use, it is a way for someone to TRADE, their TIME for a GOOD or SERVICE.

    Back in the day before currency, people traded items or their services for goods. An example, a farmer has extra eggs from his chickens. He goes to his neighbor and says hey you do need some eggs? I notice you don't have any chickens but you have tons of cows. Can I trade you some eggs for some milk?

    They came up with currency so you don't have to wait for other people to need your good or service. You have an item that is universally wanted by everyone. If someone doesn't need a good or service that you have, you can give them a valued item, like gold, to get that item you need. They know that right now, I didn't get an item I needed but instead I was given a valued item that will be able to buy something I need at a later time.

    Am I a servant to money? Yes I am but what is wrong with that. I can give you an exact dollar amount for 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour of my time. So to me, money is my time. If I have lots of money, I can spend my time pursuing other things I want. I can also purchase other goods like a $5000 PC.

    This is also basic financial 101. I am not sure where you are having a problem with this system? Does the system work for you? Are you upset that other people have more than you, aka the 1%ers? Are you upset that you don't have that much money and are mad at the system? Do you want more money without putting anything in like those McDonald workers or the union workers?

    Sure on a national level our system sucks.

    Our government is in debt.
    Our government pays to get private companies out of debt.
    One guy in the government can pick up a phone and say something good or bad and change the entire system that day. (Chairman of the fed reserve.)
    A person in power can make a post on twitter about a company that will cause that company to make billions in one day. (Carl Icahn about Apple)

    Yeah it sucks sometimes to sit at home after grinding away a 9-5 and look at the meager amount you have the bank, with no end in sight and dying 50 years later, with the same in the bank, doing the same things year after year. It is easy to get jealous or point at the system and say it sucks.

    You are part of the problem though, you are the system. Sure you can drop from society and live in the woods off grid, maybe that will make you happy. Or you can work the system and benefit from it. There is a lot of room in between the working class and the 1%ers.

    I think at some point this conversation turns from a debate about money/monetary policy into a philosophical one about what makes you happy in life.

    I can tell you what makes me happy in life. Other than backpacking in the mountains, most of it costs money. If money allows me the freedom to do what I want in life and buy what I want, then yes I am a slave to money. That is how you see it. I see it as a simple trade. I'm trading my time for items/services. Pretty simple concept to me.
    I never said I wasn't a part of the system, nor did I mention Star Trek.

    Maybe I am thinking of the future and what it could be, shouldn't we all?

    You mention money being invented thousands of years ago but you commented on the system as a response?

    Money and the system are 2 different things. One is "your time" the other is a FARCE where people lose so some people can gain.

    We should all look to the future and work to make it the best we can.

    I'm not going to get into a political rant here simply because I'd lose.

    But I know a scam when I see one and I see war being trojan horsed in everywhere with the disguise of peace.
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      Well, you had me til the last line. The nation was started to fight King George's taxation, among other unjust measures against his people. Many brave men set sail for a New World because they knew it was impossible to reverse the one they already lived in. King Geroge didn't like that very much so he sent troops here to fight the terrorists and lost. He only lost for a short while though. 100+ years later the Federal Reserve Act was signed and that was little more than a metaphorical King George making his "Jason" style return.

      The Federal Reserve was almost defeated a couple of times since then but everyone that tried was murdered. This fact actually confuses me. Only famous figures that oppose the reserve (or central banks in general) get murdered and always when they are attempting to crush the reserve, yet they are still in power and in full control of our monetary system. An incredibly mentally deficient person could put the first part of that puzzle together and determine that the latter is ridiculous. So are we a nation of people that are even more retarded than people that are actually retarded?

      The internet is as much a problem as it is a solution in my opinion. It allows you to follow all the data and give yourself an outstanding education on just about anything, but it also allows you to vent away all of your anger in a way that accomplishes nothing. So, you may be well informed, but you p4robably wont do anything but bitch about it on facebook. I think the internet also separates us as a people. What's the point of getting to know your neighbor and being active in your community when you can meet the world from an armchair?


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        'Gypsy, I've read, or watched video's, explaining that our schooling taught it WRONG! And it solely wasn't about taxation, hrmmm... "Creature from Jekyll Island" maybe? I'll have to try and find that again...

        I agree, we're ****ies nowadays. We have been domesticated Like a well trained dog. But part of the "system" is designed just for that purpose. We have all the "ENTERTAINMENT" to keep us distracted. It's not like back then... the beat down you took was felt instantly!

        There were no iPhones and iPads, Android, Twitter, gameboys or PSVita's, Xboxes, Football, baseball, all ball sports and motorized racing, Movies... TV.... fuggin' ALL of it! We're raised this way... it's hard to change and make REAL change with "Full Time" dedication. It will take our LIVES, after work of course.

        BTW, I might be a terrorist... as I don't have a CIA backed/monitored Facebook account!

        Oh shit... I see one of those black vans out... si.... d e
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          For those here "inclined", watch this: [ame=]MONEY AS DEBT 2, THE TRUTH ABOUT MONEY - YouTube[/ame] You will never look at a "BANK" the same again or think of a "LOAN" the same either!!! When I first watched these video's I was like "no freakin' way"... but it's true. The banking system today is nothing more than counterfeit, fraudulent and LEGAL.

          Anyhoo... hey, got any cool map recommendation's
          Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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            The Money Masters is also a good one.. or Zeitgeist (i think that is the name)

            @map recommendations - build one