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  • Just to get it out

    Hi, this will be my first venting post. This is going to be off topic but I want to get this out of me because this has been bothering me for some time. This is about my problem with the 3rd sequel of one of my favorite sci-fi horror games, Dead Space. Why, because of the several bugs in the game. I looked online about it, they did report some bugs they encountered but not the ones I encountered. These bugs however only affect the gameplay less, but affect more how I feel about it.

    Here is a list of bugs that concerned me:

    1. Classic aim bug: to all who don’t what classic aiming is, it’s where the laser aiming interacts with the environment just like in Dead Space 1. However if the classic aim is on, it affects the two weapon tips I know so far: the contact beam and revolver. It makes the misfire which is disappointing but at least center mode works well (center mode is where the laser aim is like a reticle).

    2. Limited scavenging spots: in Dead Space 3, you can use a scavenge bot to collect resources so you build items and weapon parts. In the new game+, however, as you get later into the game there will be no more spots for you to scavenge and getting tungsten is hard to get from enemies; but more pots to scavenge will appear if you restart a checkpoint or return after saving and quitting.

    3. Missing key cards: this happens when you replay a chapter via chapter select in Dead Space 3 in an existing save slot. Key cards that some optional missions require are missing. Maybe it’s because I already completed it and playing it again isn’t necessary but if this function is on purpose and it’s not actually a bug, then I don’t think that programming is necessary either.

    4. Autopsy elevator: this one is weird and it happens 100% of the time. When I descend into a creature to probe the nerve clusters with my sensor gun, part of my gun’s weapon disappears. When I come back up from the creature, the model my gun’s primary weapon engine is replaced with its secondary. The gun works fine; it’s the model error that only happens on 2-handed weapons. I’ve never noticed it before because I equipped either a 1-handed weapon or a 2-handed with two same engines.

    5. Ghost slot: in chapter 11 in a new game+ mode, there is one free slot that refuses to be used. So far, it usually happens when I pick up a new game+ item; it will say inventory full when I try to pick up an item but when I check my inventory, there is one free slot.

    6. Still sleeping: well this is the best I could come up but I’ll explain. In the space levels in a new game+ mode, there are hibernating enemies that will drop from the ceiling to attack if you get to close but they don’t; only if you run under them or shoot them. Not sure if this is an actual programing or a bug but I’m sure that it’s different from the standard game.

    This is where I wish EA and other developers could spend more time testing before releasing them in stores so this sort of thing will not happen. Again this is something I want to get out of my chest.
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    This is going to be off topic but..
    How can you be off topic in the first post of your own thread?

    That made me smile

    When I descend into a creature to probe it with my sensor gun
    and that made me laugh (cause it sounds really naughty)

    Again this is something I want to get out of my chest.
    Yeah, don't hold that stuff in, brah. Suppressing your emotions is not healthy.
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      Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
      and that made me laugh (cause it sounds really naughty).
      well that's the best i could explain it. it's hard to explain, but what you do is use the gun on the nerve clusters to track the Marker signal.

      if you want a better explanation, then go to youtube for "Dead Space 3 chapter 12".

      other note, I was being serious when "venting" my problem because of one thing: NO one has mentioned these. They only informed unlimited resources and ammo and other things I did NOT mentioned in this list because I did NOT encounter them.

      What bothers me that why they never noticed them? Is it because I have a older Xbox 360 consle or what? If EA have recieved any sources of feedback telling them what problems that this game is having, did they at least try to fix it? Although I can actually complete this game from start to finish, it affected me badly how I feel about it.

      If I made you thought that you offended me, you didn't so don't worry.
      I was just expecting more "serious" response, but I'm not saying it was bad.
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        I actually have it on my origin account

        I'm just completely against using origin or having it near my pc

        otherwise I could check the pc version for you, but when I do eventually pick it up I'll take a look (my 360 is ancient and I'm getting a half working ps3, so if I don't get these problems then maybe you're just really unlucky)

        // I'll probably buy it on consoles when I own it on origin because most people I can play with are on console and the aforementioned origin thing
        wew lad


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          what do mean by origin?


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            A really bad service in the same style as steam, but for EA games.

            I happen to have been given some codes for a few games a while back from a friend because he doesn't like using Origin.
            wew lad


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              Well just don't know what's wrong with it though; I'm not sure it was rushed or what. I don't have a clue.


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                Dead Space 1 is one of my favorite games. The second one was great too, it seems like they followed the Aliens trend where the first one was all terror but the second one was guns blazing action. Haven't played the third one but I was a little skeptical since the second one, despite its graphical improvements and better storyline, had some flaws in it that the first didn't.

                Sad to see that the third has even more. I'm sure it's still better than most games on the market though, but all I ever play is Quake anymore anyways. Gotta keep it old school. Actually, I hardly even play the game, I'm always modding something...
                'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                  Well I just need to learn how to cope with it, the rest of it is not bad. It's still a good game, it's just I wish they spend more time on it.