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    I can finally update this thread. My wifes friend dumped that pansy ass for disrespecting her mother and brother. Her brother is a wimp too because all he did was call the cops after the now ex boyfriend hit him. Man i wish to hell and back he would have hit me. Why does the wimp ass brother get so lucky? MF'er! Found this out 2 days ago and it happened on july 5th. Regardless of this chicks single status she still isnt allowed at my house for fucking up my driveway which i spent 2 hours smoothing her spin out marks out of the gravel that she flung everywhere. Sometimes taking advice should be heeded.


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      You should maybe forgive your wife's friend. I doubt she even considered your gravel when she peeled off of your property. See if she's willing to earnestly apologize, and while you have her weak and ashamed make it a point to remind her that this is your property and ANYONE on it will respect that.

      It'll be fun. You get to be king of the castle and she gets to "eat gravel".

      I got to have a somewhat similar moment today with this stupid mother fucker that can't get it through his head (in 2 fucking years) that my name is not Mike. The difference is, I had to work with this idiot all that time and now I don't. I think today he realized there's a darkness in me that he was about to become incredibly intimate with. No, I KNOW he realized that. I'm all kinds of Michael now and I never said a word.

      It went from "Hey Mike, I mean um, er Mich-aelllll" to me unleashing every demon living in my chest dead at him, followed by the most sincere "I'm sorry" I may have ever heard. I swear I was about to go Darth Vader on this mother fucker.

      How is that similar? My name is my "house", I am the king of it and that will be respected or I will make you eat gravel. Mike indeed. What kind of stupid fucking name is that? It's not even a's not even IN my name!
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