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  • Syluxguy28O3
    i always make a point to have a firm hand shake (well, exept with old ladies lol). when i get a "limp noodle" shake, i lose respect for the person.

    shake like a man, or just don't bother. (guess that asshole chose the latter, eh?)

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  • wicked_lord
    started a topic Super size ME

    Super size ME

    I know this is off topic for being a QUAKE site, but sometime's post like these are good for reminder's on SIZING someone up and backing down like the turd you are.

    Toilet4.bsp is the place to take this conversation.

    My wife's best friend has a boyfriend who i have only met one time since they started dating 2 year's ago even though my wife's BFF come's over almost daily when we are home, The BOYFRIEND however never comes. So today they show up as i am about to leave and he is in the car, as a MAN i walk up to him to greet him and shake his hand and he refuses to shake my hand back and proceeds to roll his window up, GRAVE MISTAKE. I am a man of integrity and i SHAKE ANOTHER MANS HAND OUT OF RESPECT, and to DISRESPECT me on my own property call's for the removal of a turd that has clogged my toilet once too many time. I walked into the house where my lovely wife and her BFF were standing and i interrupted their conversation with a big "GET THIS MOTH-F&$KER OFF MY PROPERTY NOW OR ELSE I WILL", after explaining what went down my wife tell's her BFF to get him out of here before I physically remove him. I walked to the bedroom to see what my daughter was doing (which is reminder that keeps me from trouble) once i returned they were gone, but what really chap's my ass is the fact that she sped off and left racing stripes all down my gravel drive-way, So now my wife know's she is not allowed around here for awhile.

    Bottom line is, a hand shake to me goes a very long way, it's respectful especially on someone else's property whether you like them or not, be mutual and peace will go along way regardless of opinion's.

    The reason he did not like me is the same reason he voted for OBAMA. I like gun's and carry one every single day concealed of course and he think's i am the devil.