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    Just to add to this because sOupa's name is the character at hand here. I was playing last night on quakeitup server's and of course sOupa show's up and talk's a bit of trash as usual. He live's west and he complain's about his ping and how shitty the server is. It's simple if you don't like it DISCONNECT. I understand we are a small community and i'm sure i was introduced to Quake long before this peon was due to my cousin [TE]-rage- being a beta tester for ID software from 1992-1999 before he left to start working for EA sports (Electronic Arts). But i think that for someone who can pop up on a server and have no clue who I am and to start talking shit like he does normally does not have any "RIGHT" to be there. So as much as i really do not like dropping the ban hammer but if all you want to do is come, talk shit, and bitch about something YOU CAN FIX BY FUCKING LEAVING AND DONT i will help you out next time permanently and anyone who object's to it can also get helped out the door. We don't need know more Omicron Jr's or Kimp Jr's and sOupa is a mixture of both, plain and simple.